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ThrillerFix was created by a group of bestselling thriller authors who wanted to build a home for people who love the genre as much as they do. In our “ThrillerPicks” recommendation sections, you will find articles based on content we already know you love. For example for fans of Criminal Minds, we have researched and curated a list of our favorite FBI profiler books, movies, tv shows and podcasts. 

ThrillerPicks articles are written by gurus in that genre and NOT a bot generated list- like other book websites that will remain nameless. We have really thought about what you already love and made new recommendations we think you will love just as much.

You will find that we recommend more than just books. We believe if you love thriller books, you probably like movies, tv shows and podcasts too! We want to fill your life with thrills in all the ways possible.

We also understand that thriller junkies are often fans of specific types of thrillers. So, we have divided up our “ThrillerPicks” recommendations and content into specific types of thrillers. We invite you to explore the site and join as many thriller communities as you want to be a part of.

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Our Favorite ThrillerPicks for You

An old-fashioned camera fires into the distance, creating an ominous effect reminiscent of X.

If you’re anything like us, you likely felt that the running time of the movie “X” wasn’t nearly long enough. Sure, 106 minutes is pretty standard for today’s film industry… but we were dying for more of the thrills, twists, and screams that made this movie a signature A24 release. Although a sequel is rumored to

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10 Books for Fans of the X Movie
A demonic-looking woman has soulless black pits for eyes and overall blurred features aside from a wide and menacing smile.

Hitting number 1 at the box office two weeks in a row, Smile has been terrifying audiences worldwide. In this 2022 psychological horror film, Rose is a therapist who witnesses her patient’s suicide. Under any circumstance, this would be upsetting and disturbing, but the patient also had a broad smile as she cut her throat. This imagery haunts Rose,

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10 Books for Fans of the Movie Smile

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