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You: An incredibly talented thriller author or publisher who needs exposure now!

Us: One of the internet's most popular destinations for thriller book readers willing to pay full price for books like yours!

Authors need readers. Readers need authors. Thrillerfix connects them. We know thrillers better than anyone else in the world. Welcome!

We Know Why You're Here

We're gonna take two guesses why you clicked on this page:

  • You just finished writing a thriller, and now you're wondering what to do with it.
  • You're a publisher, and a crazy-good thriller manuscript landed on your desk, and you're looking for creative ways to tell the world about it.

You could do things the traditional way — what thriller authors and publishers have done for years:

  • Try to find thriller readers interested in your book. (Needle. Haystack.)
  • Spend thousands of dollars on marketing to those readers, hoping it catches on. (How is that done on a small budget?)

Happily, there's an alternative. It's ThrillerFix, home to tens of thousands of the thriller genre's biggest fans. (Hello!)

We Know What You're Looking For

You need thriller book marketing that offers three advantages:

  • Marketing that targets the right audience.
  • Marketing that gives you credibility.
  • Marketing that gives your thriller "staying power."

The Right Audience, You Say?

ThrillerFix — a group of best-selling thriller authors who understand thriller readers and what they look for — is all about helping writers, period. We know that not all thriller fans are the same:

  • Some readers prefer military thrillers.
  • Other readers love mystery thrillers. 
  • Others want to read psychological thrillers.

So we use content and consumer segmentation to target your readers as closely as possible, matching you with the true loyalists for your specific type of book.

There's no one-size-fits-all marketing here.

Recommending a phenomenal range of thriller content increases our credibility and our overall content appeal, again helping writers. See an example of our core content HERE.


Research shows people are more likely to read and accept advice in a list format. And from our experience, we know your thriller gets more credibility when it's featured in a “Top 10” article because it's part of a larger recommendation rather than standing alone in a review. You can advertise in one of these articles on ThrillerFix or sponsor one.

Oh, and if you want to talk about credibility, our thriller readers have chosen us for reviews, interviews, and book recommendations since 2017 and recommended by one of the most trusted voices on the internet - Dave Chesson on Kindleprenuer. 

Internet Staying Power

While we are proud of our email list, our VIP and Gold level packages give your thriller true internet staying power. Our Listopia-style articles put your thriller front and center on a credible list that stays posted on our site indefinitely

We create each of these pieces to generate at least 5k unique views per month and bring value long after your campaign launches.

Why You'll Love ThrillerFix's Readers

These are the people you want to expose your book to:

  • Our readers are voracious — always looking for their next favorite thriller to curl up with.
  • Our readers share their favorite reads on social media and tell their friends, family, and anyone who will listen.
  • Our readers want the pure joy of a brand new thriller. The page-turning plotlines! The high-stakes story arcs! The colorful characters!

Why You Should Advertise to Our Readers

Our readers are pretty incredible people. Not only do they love thrillers, but the overwhelming majority are willing to pay full price for new books like yours. Plus, 64% of ThrillerFix readers have purchased a book on preorder!

On top of that, 89% of our readers consume more than one book per week. When they find a book they love, they often read the author's previous works and then tell their friends about that author.

Plus, our readers don't just read thriller books! That's why we work with all kinds of thriller content advertisers, including those who produce thriller movies, podcasts, and TV shows. 

We use Thrillerfix to launch new books into the hands of thousands of mystery and thriller fans. It's become a crucial part of our launch strategy.

Amber Hudock
Publishing Director, Severn River Publishing

Thrillerfix has put my books into the hands of thousands of diehard thriller readers yearning for something new in the genre. A perfect signal boost for new releases or promotions!

Steven Konkoly
Wall Street Journal and Washington Post Bestselling Author

Marketing my books with Thrillerfix is a great way to generate interest among the most engaged readers of the genre.

Brian Andrews
Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

Are you Ready to Check Out Our Partnership Programs?

Choose the package that best suits you.

If you have ever seen an advertising rate card, the first thing you will notice is that it is COMPLICATED. We have chosen to streamline our advertising packages so that you know exactly what you are getting.

As we see it, advertising for books goes one of three ways:

  • The Big Guns - Big lists but very expensive (both Bookbub and Goodreads require a 2k minimum spend for a single email send). Great if you can afford it. Most can’t.
  • The Good Deal - There are thousands of these sites that are more focused on sharing free and discounted books than a specific genre. Most of these do not have focused audiences and your book goes out to all sorts of readers - most of the time with the requirement of being either free or discounted.
  • Specialized Content - This is us! We have the audience, the size and the right price for authors on a budget through publishers wanting to make a splash. If you want to compare us to the two other thriller based websites out there - be our guest! We can even save you time by telling you that doesn’t offer paid advertising and CrimeFiction Lover charges $90 to reach 3000 newsletter subscribers. Plus, with us, you never have to offer your book at a discount if you don’t want to.

You can checkout today without a long wait for us to send you pricing or get back to you! We'll be in touch to answer questions and finalize any specifics.

Don't just advertise your book — target the precise niche of thriller lovers looking for content like yours. Become a VIP.

What you get:

  • A ThrillerPicks “If you like this, you'll like that” article based on a keyword of at least 5,000 searches per month directly related to your book. This article will stay live on our site indefinitely. See this example, where Anthony Flacco is the promoted VIP author.
  • A “book club kit” or “author spotlight” download at the top of the article that will increase the chances of thriller fans buying and engaging with your book.
  • We'll post your custom article across all our social media accounts and send it to our 40,000 thriller fans via email.*
  • Your thriller will be the “featured book” on the main sub-genre page of our website, which receives 10-20k visitors per month. See an example here.
  • Two “top of article" display ads on and two “side-bar” display ads in other articles within your genre for 30 days. Here's an example.
  • We will post the interview on the interview section of our website.

*You have the option of sending an email with only your book, but we believe that you will see more opens, shares and clicks with a “listopia” style article that consumers look forward to getting and sharing.

Not ready for the “top spot” but want to be included in one of our ThrillerPicks articles? No problem!

What you get:

  • Inclusion in an already-written ThrillerPick “If you like this, you will like that” article. A keyword of at least 5,000 searches per month will be the basis of the article. The article will stay live on our site indefinitely. Here is an example of Dot Hutchison as a Gold Package author.
  • Two side-bar display ads on other articles within your sub-genre for 30 days.
  • An exclusive send of your book with reference to the article you were included in.

Advertise to the type of customer you're looking for! If you wrote a book about a serial killer, for example, we'll place ads for you in articles related to this content type.

What you get:

Reach over 40k thriller fans through our weekly ThrillerPicks email.  

What you get:

Looking for something we don’t offer or want to add more to the package of your choice? Contact us at to discuss your options!

Ready to expose your book to some of the biggest thriller fans anywhere on the internet?