American Assassin by Vince Flynn

american assassin

Official Thrillerfix Review by Ethan Jones

15 December 2017

What’s it about? American Assassin is the story of how the CIA best cover operative Mitch Rapp started to become who he is. It is a prequel to this fantastic spy thriller series by the late Vince Flynn. After Rapp’s girlfriend is killed in a terrorist attack, he joins a new group of CIA clandestine operatives who are dispatched to deal with the most challenging terrorist situations.

What makes it special? It is difficult to write a prequel, because of the storyline’s and the character’s existing limitations. But Mr. Flynn does an excellent job of waiving the story’s plots in such as a way as to give a great portrait of the young operative.

The reader learns how Rapp was as a young recruit and how his early experiences forged his personality. We feel Rapp’s pain, but also see how lethal he is, and how intuitive he can be. Rapp is talented, tough, and very resourceful, and above all, he’s really good at what he does: keeping his country safe from all terrorists.