Meet Andrew Watts

meet andrew watts
Andrew Watts is the USA TODAY bestselling author of Max Fend thrillers and The War Planners series. He graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2003 and served as a naval officer and helicopter pilot until 2013. 

During that time, he flew counter-narcotic missions in the Eastern Pacific and counter-piracy missions off the Horn of Africa. 

He was a flight instructor in Pensacola, FL, and helped to run ship and flight operations while embarked on a nuclear aircraft carrier deployed in the Middle East. Today, he lives with his family in Ohio. 

His full catalog of books are available on Amazon and browsable below.

The War Planners Series

the war planners

The War Planners – War Planners Book 1

“Deep in the heart of China, a shadowy billionaire has begun plans to attack America. But after the CIA catches wind of the plot, an elite American team is called into action. Technologist David Manning is one of those summoned for the unscheduled activation of the joint CIA-DoD Red Cell.

He hasn’t been told why.  David must say goodbye to his family and fly half-way around the world on an unmarked government jet. Lena Chou, the charismatic CIA operative in charge of the Red Cell, is already waiting for him there, on the secretive island base. Other experts arrive soon after. Military officers. Intelligence analysts. Defense contractors. A couple dozen of them in all.

Lena tells them the secret. The countdown has begun. War is coming. The Red Cell’s mandate is simple: Plan out how China might invade the United States. With that information, America can prevent the unthinkable. But as the experts plan for war, David learns that not all of them intend for America to win…” 

The War Planners is available as an eBookpaperback & audiobook – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

the war stage

The War Stage – War Planners Book 2

“A Chinese plot to destroy the US economy. The growing threat of war with Iran. One man’s race to protect America, and save his brother. The origin of bitcoin, the world’s first widely adopted digital currency, is shrouded in mystery. Its founder has not been heard from since 2011.

Yet, as global financial markets suffer, several nations agree to start backing their currencies with bitcoin in a desperate attempt to stabilize their economies. The soon-to-open Dubai Financial Exchange will make this possible. Financed by the Chinese megabank, the AIIB, and pushed by Cheng Jinshan, a powerful Chinese investor, the dawn of a new era of global currency trade is upon the world.

But if Jinshan’s plan works, the value of the US dollar – and the American economy with it – will tumble. Weeks before the Dubai Financial Exchange opens, a US Navy destroyer sinks an Iranian patrol craft during a controversial exchange in the Persian Gulf. With tensions soaring between the two nations, an Iranian politician secretly contacts the CIA with a chilling revelation. 

Chase Manning is a rugged ex-SEAL working for the CIA’s Special Operations Group in the Middle East. Now, he is tasked with uncovering the truth behind the Iranian claims before it is too late. But in the midst of battling deadly assassins and uncovering the layers of intrigue surrounding the bitcoin-backed currency, Chase discovers that his own brother, David Manning, is right at the heart of the conspiracy.” 

The War Stage is available as an eBookpaperback & audiobook – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Pawns of the Pacific

Pawns of the Pacific – War Planners Book 3

“While the United States is preparing for war with Iran, Chinese billionaire Cheng Jinshan and his wickedly efficient spy, Lena Chou, are moving their pieces on the board. Deception and misinformation is everywhere. Now, in order to save America, the leaders in the CIA and Pentagon set up a secretive task force at the CIA headquarters. Their mission: to thwart Jinshan’s plans, and reveal the truth to the world. 

Each member of the Manning family has a critical role to play. David Manning is brought in to the CIA task force. Chase Manning is sent to team up with a US Marine Corps special operations unit. Admiral Manning leads the USS Ford Carrier Strike Group, filled with America’s latest and greatest naval technology.

And Lieutenant Commander Victoria Manning is the officer in charge of a helicopter detachment on the navy destroyer, the USS Farragut – the only ship that stands in the way of a Chinese onslaught. Filled with pulse-pounding action, well-rounded characters, and unpredictable twists, Pawns of the Pacific delivers a satisfying third chapter to The War Planners series." 

Pawns of the Pacific is available as an eBookpaperback & audiobook – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

The Elephant Game

The Elephant Game – War Planners Book 4

“Tensions are running high between the United States and China. And a belligerent North Korea isn’t helping matters. As members of the US military and intelligence community prepare for the worst, Chinese politicians play a dangerous game. 

The Elephant Game is available as an eBookpaperback & audiobook – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

overwhelming force

Overwhelming Force – War Planners Book 5

When the Chinese military launches a surprise attack on the United States, the world is thrown into chaos.

The Manning family is spread out over the globe, each doing their part to defend America. With the Chinese fleet advancing, Admiral Manning commands the USS FORD carrier strike group near Midway. CIA operative Chase Manning is sent home to the US to fight a lethal unit of Chinese special forces. LCDR Victoria Manning hunts submarines off the coast of Guam. And intelligence analyst David Manning tries to decipher Chinese plans.

But President Cheng Jinshan and his deadly operative Lena Chou have set their plans in motion. A gargantuan Chinese fleet, with new cutting-edge technology, is making its way towards the American forces. And as the two superpowers collide, it will take skill, courage, and cunning to win the day.

Overwhelming Force is available as an eBookaudiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Global Strike – War Planners Book 6

GLOBAL STRIKE: The final book in the USA Today bestselling War Planners series.

It has been over a year since the war began. A year since China launched a surprise attack on America.\

On that fateful day, EMP and cyber weapons plunged much of the nation into a dark chaos. Thousands of anti-ship missiles gutted the US Pacific fleet. A Chinese-allied North Korea launched an all-out attack on South Korea. And a Chinese information warfare campaign tricked America into launching its own limited nuclear strike.

The aftermath was devastating.

But the Chinese-American war has grown cold in the past year. Fighting between the two superpowers has been slowed by oceanic moats. China's strategy is to put America under siege, politically and economically. And it's working.

But the flames of war will soon rekindle.

Chinese President Jinshan is not long for this earth. With cancer giving him only a few months left to live, he is ready for his final move. A massive Chinese military transit across the Pacific, and eventually onto American soil.

The Americans are preparing. David Manning is now one of the top members of a secretive CIA-Pentagon team tasked with finding a winning strategy. His brother Chase is working with American special forces and CIA teams in Chinese-contested hot spots around the world. Victoria Manning is the commanding officer of a navy helicopter squadron in the eastern pacific. And Lena Chou is held prisoner on an American military base.

But everything is about to change.

Time is running out.

And the Americans will need more than technology or bravery to win the war.

They will need a plan.

Global Strike is available as an eBookaudiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program.

Max Fend Series


Glidepath – Max Fend Book 1

“Charles Fend, the billionaire CEO of Fend Aerospace, is only days away from launching the world’s first autonomous commercial airliner when a mysterious cyber attack threatens to cripple the project.  But who is responsible? Is it the wealthy ex-KGB agent, Pavel Morozov, who has shown up from a past Charles had long-forgotten? Or was it Charles’ own son Max – now on the run from the FBI after he was accused of sending corporate secrets to a criminal enterprise? And just what is hiding inside the top secret CIA file on Max Fend? The one that even his FBI investigator isn’t allowed to see?"

Glidepath is available as an eBookpaperback & audiobook – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

the oshkosh connection

The Oshkosh Connection – Max Fend Book 2

“A Pakistani intelligence officer secretly communicates with a Mexican drug cartel.  A lobbyist is assassinated in the suburbs of Northern Virginia.  A US Senator receives death threats from a shadowy group. There is a connection. And Max Fend has only days to discover what it is. The chase leads CIA asset Max Fend from the Pacific coast of Mexico to the plains of Wisconsin, home of the largest air show in the world — Oshkosh.

Beneath the drone of old warbirds and sleek aerobatics aircraft, Max and his partner Renee uncover clues that point to a global conspiracy. A conspiracy that traces back to the start of the war in Afghanistan, that explains the explosive growth of opioid use around the world, and creeps into the highest halls of power. With the clock ticking down on an ambitious assassination plot, Max and Renee must uncover the truth, before it’s too late…” 

The Oshkosh Connection is available as an eBook, paperback, & audiobook – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

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