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Daughter of War by Brad Taylor

Official Thrillerfix Review

30 January 2019

Release Date: January 8, 2019 | Pages: 397

Daughter of War begins with Pike Logan and his Taskforce team hot on the trail of a North Korean agent in Europe. Their mission is to prevent the transfer of sensitive US intelligence to the Syrian regime. But instead, they stumble upon a much darker plot: the sale of a lethal chemical called Red Mercury.

Pike Logan and his team sprint through Europe in an attempt to halt a deadly terrorist plan. But when a young Syrian refugee named Amena pickpockets the phone from an intelligence agent, she unwittingly possesses the lone key to stop the attack.

Pike Logan and the Taskforce enter a race against time and find Amena before a deadly chemical strike…but they’re not the only one’s looking for her.

Daughter of War is filled with the trademarks that brought Brad Taylor to the forefront of the military thriller scene: hard-hitting action scenes, powerfully scripted plots, and forceful characters whose interactions and banter make the story leap off the page.

Brad Taylor has earned a place at the apex of thriller writers, and with this book it’s clear he has no intentions of leaving. As a retired lieutenant colonel and veteran of Delta Force, it’s no surprise that Taylor can craft such a plausible terrorist threat. But what continues to astound readers is how much he elevates his storytelling with each installment of the Pike Logan series—and in his latest thriller, he delivers like never before.

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