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Review: Vince Flynn – Lethal Agent

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19 September 2019

Release Date: September 24, 2019 |  Review by Gavin Reese

“With four months still remaining in 2019, Vince Flynn – Lethal Agent is my novel to beat for Thriller of the Year. – Gavin Reese

How far is an embattled and disavowed patriot willing to go to protect us from ourselves? In the social and political climate of modern America, Mitch Rapp is exactly the hero we need at the very moment we need him. Kyle Mills continues in-kind to demonstrate he’s exactly the writer we needed to continue Vince Flynn’s incredible series. The only problem with this novel will be topping it next year.

“An unprecedented and terrifying bioterrorism plot threatens to kill millions in the midst of a divisive presidential election in this new thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling Mitch Rapp series.”

This month’s highly anticipated release, Vince Flynn – Lethal Agent, gripped me from the first page. Author Kyle Mills immediately sets a stage where politicians, policymakers, and talking heads from the twenty-four-hour news cycle wreak havoc for Mitch Rapp & Crew.  The story weaves a perfect series of catastrophes that converge into a truly worst-case-scenario. The villain, along with his cohorts and
proxies, manipulates the highest echelons of power, feeds off our everyday fears, and kept me turning pages and losing sleep late into the night.

For those familiar with Rapp and Vince Flynn’s long-running series, this effort is a welcome and fresh addition. Mills’ writing is crisp and tense, and he’s ensured the villains and their aspirations are plausible, fearsome, and absolutely worthy of attention from Rapp & Co. Just as it seems things couldn’t get worse for our heroes, Mills ramps up the stakes. He’s clearly done a tremendous amount of research for this work, and even further refined his craft as a Tier-One thriller writer. If you’ve new to this series, Mills leaves plenty of nuggets to get you up to speed. You can meet Mitch Rapp in this story and easily go back for the others later- and if you haven’t started yet, I strongly recommend treating yourself to reading this book now. 

As a reader, one of my favorite moments in a book is learning how the author arrived at a book’s title. As Lethal Agent’s back cover reveals, this double-entendre refers to a biohazard, a bacteria or virus dangerous to human health. The biohazard threat most of the book’s actors are focused on, though, is not the one that’s coming to kill them. Just as in real-life, Mills’ carefully crafted villains are complex, cunning, and ruthless in pursuit of their objectives. If our heroes are to effectively combat these threats to our civilization and the entire global population, Mitch Rapp and his cohorts have to not only be at their very best, they have to willingly risk their safety, their lives, and perhaps their own salvation to save all the rest of us unable or unwilling to defend ourselves. 

The tension in this book pushes everyone involved to the brink, and each character finds out exactly what they’re willing to risk for themselves, their cause, and their country. More than a few of them are surprised by their ultimate answer- and you will be too.

With four months still remaining in 2019, Vince Flynn – Lethal Agent is my novel to beat for Thriller of the Year.

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