J.A. Janice Books in Order

J.A. Janice is most often linked with the action genre because she tap into the elements of human deception that makes these works so memorable.

J.A. Janice can be compared with James Patterson, David Baldacci, Delia Owens, Michael Connelly, and even John Grisham. Our favorite mysteries often include a detective or amateur sleuth, but what sets these books apart is how those key characters follow the clues to unravel the mystery. 

Books in order for Joanna Brady Series Ali Reynolds Series, Walker Family Mystery Series, etc.

Fans love the works of J.A. Janice because her unique style sets her apart from other books in the action genre. Her books are well-known, with rave reviews from readers. J.A. Janice is often recognized as a leader in books about murder and crime solving.

At Thrillerfix, we’ve got a special appreciation for the works of J.A. Janice. It’s our belief that our audiences will love the words and works of J.A. Janice too. That’s why we’ve put together these books in order. Whatever order you read them in, we hope you enjoy! 

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Joanna Brady Series

2. Tombstone Courage

3. Shoot Don't Shoot

4. Dead to Rights

5. Skeleton Canyon

6. Rattle Snake Crossing

7. Outlaw Mountain

9. Paradise Lost

10. Partner in Crime

13. Damage Control

14. Fire and Ice

15. Judgement Call


16. Remains of Innocence

18. Field of Bones

19. Missing and Endangered


Ali Reynolds Series

5. Trial by Fire

7. Left for Dead

8. Deadly Stakes

9. Moving Target

10. Cold Betrayal

12. Man Overboard

13. Duel to the Death

15. Credible Threat

Walker Family Mystery Series

1. Hour of the Hunter

2. Kiss of the Bees

3. Day of the Dead

4. Queen of the Night

J.P Beaumont Series

1.Until Proven Guilty

2. Injustice for All

3. Trial by Fury

4. Taking the Fifth

5. Improbable Cause

6. A More Perfect Union


7. Dismissed with Prejudice


8. Minor in Possession

9. Payment in Kind

10. Without Due Process

11. Failure to Appear

12. Lying in Wait

13. Name Withheld

14. Breach of Duty

15. Birds of Prey

16. Partner in Crime

17. Longtime Gone

18. Justice Denied

19. Betrayal of Trust

20. Ring in the Dead

21. Second Watch

22. Proof of Life

24. Sins of the Father

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