Michael Connelly Books in Order

Michael Connelly is most often linked with the legal thrillers because he taps into the elements of courtroom drama that makes these works so memorable.

Michael Connelly can be compared with John Grisham, but you’ll also think of Scott Turow, Harper Lee, Michael Connelly, William Landay, and Robert Traver. Legal fiction often includes lawyers and courtroom drama, but it can include other elements of crime and sleuthing, coming to a thrilling, action-packed resolution.

Books in order for A Harry Bosch Series, Mickey Haller Series Jack McEvoy Series etc.

Fans love the works of Michael Connelly because his unique style sets him apart from other books in the action genre.. His books are well-known, with rave reviews from readers. Michael Connelly is often recognized as a leader in books with courtroom drama and legal thrills.

At Thrillerfix, we’ve got a special appreciation for the works of Michael Connelly It’s our belief that our audiences will love the words and works of Michael Connelly too. That’s why we’ve put together these books in order. Whatever order you read them in, we hope you enjoy! 

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A Harry Bosch Series

1. The Black Echo

2. The Black Ice

3. The Concrete Blond

4. The Last Cayote


6. Angels Fight


7. A Darkness More Than Night

8. City of Bones

13. The Overlook

14. Nine Dragons

16. The Black Box

17. The Burning Room

18. The Crossing

19. The Wrong Side of Goodbye

20. Two Kinds of Truth

Mickey Haller Series

1. The Lincoln Lawyer

2. The Brass Verdict

4. The Fifth Witness

5. The God's of Guilt

6. The Law of Innocense

Jack McEvoy Series

2. The Scarecrow

3. The Fair Warning

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