Stephen King Books in Order

Stephen King is most often linked with the horror because he tap into the elements of suspense and edge-of-your-seat plots that makes these works so memorable.

Stephen King can be compared with and Dean Koontz. If you are in for a scare, then this set of books is for you.  Our favorite horror novels may keep you up at night, but they will certainly be great reads.

Books in order for The Crossroads Series, Dark Tower Series, Bill Hodges Trilogy Series etc.

Fans love the works of Stephen King because his unique style that sets him apart from other books in the action genre..His books are well-known, with rave reviews from readers. Stephen King is often recognized as a leader in books with thrills and suspense.

At Thrillerfix, we’ve got a special appreciation for the works of Stephen King It’s our belief that our audiences will love the words and works of Stephen King too. That’s why we’ve put together these books in order. Whatever order you read them in, we hope you enjoy!

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The Crossroads Series

1. The Crossroads



2. Dark Love The Underground



3. Blood Rituals



4. Redstone



5. Beast Control



Dark Tower Series

1. The Gunslinger

2. The Drawing of the Three

3. The Wastelands

4. Wizard and Glass

5. Wolves of the Calla

6. Song of Susannah

7. The Dark Tower

Bill Hodges Trilogy Series

2. Finders Keepers

The Shining Series

Gwendy's Button Box Trilogy Series

1. Gwendy's Button Box

2. Gwendy's Magic Feather

The Talisman Series

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