Stuart Woods Books in Order

Stuart Woods is most often linked with the action genre because he tap into the elements of human deception that makes these works so memorable.

Stuart Woods can be compared with James Patterson, David Baldacci, Delia Owens, Michael Connelly, and even John Grisham. Our favorite mysteries often include a detective or amateur sleuth, but what sets these books apart is how those key characters follow the clues to unravel the mystery. 

Books in order for Stone Barrington Series, Holly Barker Series, Will Lee Series etc.

Fans love the works of Stuart Woods because his unique style sets him apart from other books in the action genre. His books are well-known, with rave reviews from readers Stuart Woods is often recognized as a leader in books about murder and crime solving.

At Thrillerfix, we’ve got a special appreciation for the works of Stuart Woods It’s our belief that our audiences will love the words and works of Stuart Woods too. That’s why we’ve put together these books in order. Whatever order you read them in, we hope you enjoy! 

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Stone Barrington Series

1. New York Dead

3. Dead in the Water

4. Swimming to Catalina

5. Worst Fears Realized

6. L.A. Dead


7. Cold Paradise

8. The Short Forever

10. Reckless Abandon

11. Two Dollar Bill

13. Fresh Disasters

14. Shoot Him if He Runs

15. Hot Mahogany

16. Loitering with Intent

18. Lucid Intervals

19. Strategic Moves

20. Bel-Air Dead

21. Son of Stone

23. Unnatural Acts

24. Severe Clear

25. Collateral Damage

26. Unintended Consequences

27. Doing Hard Time

29. Carnal Curiosity

30. Cut and Thrust

32. Insatiable Appetites

35. Foreign Affairs

36. Scandalous Behavior

37. Family Jewels

38. Dishonorable Intentions

39. Sex, Lies & Serious Money

40. Below the Belt

41. Fast and Loose

42. Indecent Exposure

43. Quick & Dirty

47. Desperate Measures

48. A Delicate Touch


54. Choppy Water

56. Hush Hush


Holly Barker Series

4. Reckless Abandon

6. Hothouse Orchid

Will Lee Series

2. Run Before The Wind

6. Capital Crimes

7. Mounting Fears

Rick Barron Series

1. The Prince of Beverly Hills

2. Beverly Hills Dead

Teddy Fay Series

Teddy Fay Series

1. Smooth Operator

2. The Money Shot

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