W.E.B. Griffin Books in Order

The Corps Series

3. Counterattack

7. Behind the Lines

8. In Danger's Path

10. Retreat, Hell!

Brotherhood of War Series

1. The Lieutenants

7. The New Breed

A Presidential Agent Series

1. By Order of the President

7. Covert Warriors

8. Hazardous Duty

Honor Bound Series

2. Blood and Honor

4. Death and Honor

5. The Honor of Spies

6. Victory and Honor

7. Empire and Honor


Men at War Series

1. The Last Heroes

2. The Secret Warriors


3. Soldier Spies

4. The Fighting Agents 

5. The Saboteurs

6. The Double Agents

7. The Spymasters

A Clandestine Operations Series

2. The Assassination Option

3. Curtain of Death

4. Death at Nuremberg

5. The Enemy of My Enemy

Badge Of Honor Series

2. Special Operations

6. The Murderers

7. The Investigators

8. Final Justice


9. The Traffickers


10. The Vigilantes

11. The Last Witness

12. Deadly Assets

13. Broken Trust

14. The Attack


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