William Kent Krueger Books in Order

William Kent Krueger is most often linked with the historical thrillers because he tap into the elements of suspense and edge-of-your-seat plots that makes these works so memorable.

William Kent Krueger can be compared with Ken Follett, Eric Larson and Peter T. Deutermann. Whether you love a character driven historical thriller with drama and romance or a more pulse-driven read based on battlefields of the past - Thrillerfix has something to offer. Our favorite historical thriller novels include a thrilling glimpse into the past.

Books in order for Cork O'Connor Mystery Series.

Fans love the works of William Kent Krueger because his unique style sets him apart from other books in the action genre.. His books are well-known, with rave reviews from readers. William Kent Krueger is often recognized as a leader in books with thrills and suspense.

At Thrillerfix, we’ve got a special appreciation for the works of William Kent Krueger It’s our belief that our audiences will love the words and works of William Kent Krueger too. That’s why we’ve put together these books in order. Whatever order you read them in, we hope you enjoy!

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Cork O'Connor Mystery Series

2. Boundary Waters

3. Purgatory Ridge

10. Heaven's Keep

11. Vermillion Drift

12. Northwest Angle

13. Trickster's Point

14. Tamarack Country

15. Windigo Island

16. Manitou Canyon

17. Sulfur Springs

18. Desolation Mountain

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