Meet Brian Christopher Shea

Brian has spent most of his adult life in service to his country and local community. He honorably served as an officer in the U.S. Navy.

In his civilian life, he reached the rank of Detective and accrued ten years of law enforcement experience between Texas and Connecticut. Somewhere in the mix he spent five years as a fifth-grade school teacher.

Brian’s myriad of life experience is woven into the tapestry of each character’s design. He resides in New England and is blessed with an amazing wife and three beautiful daughters. 

Nick Lawrence Series

Kill List – Nick Lawrence Series Book 1


FBI Special Agent Nick Lawrence has just transferred to the bank robbery unit based out of Connecticut’s New Haven field office. Near his breaking point after the recent death of his father, he makes the move to care for his aging mother.

Declan Enright, a former police officer recently fired over a controversial shooting, has reached his own breaking point. Confronted with insurmountable financial burdens in the wake of his early termination, Declan is desperate for a way to provide for his wife and three daughters. Tapping into an elite skill set forged during his time as a Navy special warfare operator, and using the insider knowledge of a former police officer, Declan crosses the threshold and commits the perfect crime.

Nick is assigned to the case, and begins closing in. But when a series of terrorist attacks rattles the nation, the two men find their fates intertwined.

And the only way to prevent the next attack is to work together...

Kill List is available as an eBookaudiobook, & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Pursuit of Justice – Nick Lawrence Series Book 2

For a young victim of human trafficking, FBI Agent Nick Lawrence is the only hope.

Nick Lawrence rejoins his old unit, the FBI’s Violent Crimes Against Children task force.

The career move puts him in Austin, Texas—and onto the case of a young girl on the run.

She’s been thrust into a foreign land against her will. Armed only with a set of skills bestowed by her father, she embarks on a perilous journey to keep a promise—as she is hunted by a ruthless human trafficking ring.

Nick teams up with local law enforcement, intent on saving the girl and dismantling the criminal organization trying to reach her first. But as a greater conspiracy unfolds, Nick finds himself in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

The opposition is more powerful than he could have imagined—and they’re intent on silencing him, and the girl, forever.

Pursuit of Justice is available as an eBookaudiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Burning Truth

Burning Truth – Nick Lawrence Series Book 3

FBI Special Agent Nick Lawrence is in hot pursuit of a brilliant serial killer.
He’s also the next target on the killer’s list.

The serial killer is known as The Ferryman. His series of unpredictable and horrific murders have terrified the residents of Austin, Texas, and stymied local law enforcement.

Special Agent Cheryl Simmons of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit is known throughout the Bureau as a legend among their elite profilers. For the better part of the last four years, she’s devoted herself to tracking The Ferryman, and this may be her best chance to catch him.

For the killer has chosen fellow FBI Agent Nick Lawrence as his next victim.

Why? No one knows.
When will he attack? No one knows that either.

But the Ferryman is coming. Soon.
And using Nick as bait is the only way to catch him...

Burning Truth is available as an eBookaudiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Targeted Violence

Targeted Violence – Nick Lawrence Series Book 4

Another school shooting.
Another senseless act of violence.

But this one is different.
It isn’t random. It was orchestrated by a mysterious outsider.
And it’s just the beginning.

The warning was released soon after the first school shooting. It came from an untraceable source, and threatened a similar violent incident at one school in each state across the country. Soon the entire nation is plunged into a state of panic.

As law enforcement desperately searches for the group responsible, former FBI agent Nick Lawrence is called up by an old friend. They need Nick’s unique set of skills to find and stop a twisted criminal mastermind...before he claims his next victims.

Targeted Violence is available as an eBook, audiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Murder 8 – Nick Lawrence Series Book 5

When a senator's daughter is found dead in a Boston alleyway, former FBI agent Nick Lawrence is called into action.

A powerful new drug has hit the streets of Massachusetts, and overdoses are skyrocketing to epidemic proportions. Senator Buzz Litchfield’s daughter is the latest opioid death, and he wants justice. Law enforcement is being told to take the gloves off; to come down hard on the rampant drug rings that have plagued the area.

Nick Lawrence and the Valhalla Group are tasked with taking down the distribution network, and must partner with Boston’s elite Tactical Narcotics Team to get the job done.

But just as they’re about to make a bust, things go south. And Nick realizes that in the war on drugs, corruption is everywhere. And nothing is what it seems…

Murder 8 is available as an eBook, audiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 


Unkillable – A Nick Lawrence Short Story

Character isn't taught: it's born.

Nick Lawrence’s near-death experience while serving overseas had a lasting impact, redirecting his life’s path. Join Nick as he leads a small group of Army Rangers on a support mission for a CIA operation. This short story gives a glimpse into Nick’s early days and the defining moment that guided his decision to join the FBI.

UNKILLABLE is a short story prequel to KILL LIST, the first in the Nick Lawrence series.

This impressive debut thriller series penned by a former Detective and Naval Officer has endeared the fans of Michael Connelly, David Baldacci, Lee Child, and Vince Flynn.

Unkillable is available as an eBook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Boston Crime Thriller

Murder Board – Boston Crime Thriller Book 1

On the tough streets of Boston, justice requires a detective who isn’t afraid to break the rules.

The crime sent shockwaves through the entire city.
But for Boston homicide detective Michael Kelly, the case hits particularly close to home.

Kelly was born and raised only a few blocks from where the girl’s body was found. He still has friends living in the old neighborhood.

Some are cops. Others run the Irish mob.

And when Kelly’s investigation uncovers a shocking conspiracy, he realizes that he’ll need to use all of his unique connections to solve the case.

Because Kelly is determined to bring the killer to justice.
Whatever the cost...

Murder Board is available as an eBook, audiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Bleeding Blue – Boston Crime Thriller Book 2

With two street gangs on the brink of war, Detective Michael Kelly must solve a murder before the entire town goes up in flames.

Boston Homicide Detective Michael Kelly just took his latest case. It seemed simple enough: a convenience store clerk gunned down in cold blood.

There’s just one catch...the store was under the protection of the Irish mob.

Now the city is a powder-keg, and Kelly must solve the murders before it explodes in further bloodshed.

Bleeding Blue is available as an eBookaudiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

The Penitent One – Boston Crime Thriller Book 3

From the acclaimed author of ITW Award finalist Murder Board comes a searing case that will drive Detective Michael Kelly to the brink.

Boston Homicide Detective Michael Kelly has just been called to a gruesome crime scene at a church. A priest has been murdered, and Kelly's bosses see a media circus in the making.

Kelly sees a connection to a cold case that has haunted him for years.

With the FBI now involved, Kelly must use instincts honed on the tough streets of Dorchester to help investigators stay one step ahead of a cruel killer. And he must rely on the lifelong bonds forged on the streets where he grew up to provide him with answers.

Because this murdered priest was just the first step on an unrelenting path of vengeance—and the killer isn’t going to stop until his own twisted brand of justice gets served.

The Penitent One is available as an eBookaudiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Sign of the Maker – Boston Crime Thriller Book 4

When a bomber targets the city he loves, Detective Kelly must decide how far he’ll go to stop them.

A blast rips through downtown Boston on an early October morning and Detective Michael Kelly races to the scene. But before he can begin to make sense of the attack, another explosion sends shockwaves through the city.

Reeling, and desperate for answers, Kelly and his team begin a citywide manhunt. The only clue from the blast site leads Kelly to an inmate — who is less than eager to help.

As Kelly hones in on the forensics, his source reveals the killer’s next targets. Armed with this knowledge, Kelly and his team rush to get out ahead of the mysterious murderer.

But with the city at stake and the clock literally ticking, one wrong move could have catastrophic consequences.

Can Kelly catch the bomber before time runs out?

Sign of the Maker is available as an eBookaudiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Cold Hard Truth – Boston Crime Thriller Book 5

A suspicious disappearance
A father's long quest for justice
Connected by a secret spanning over twenty years
Kelly sets out to expose the truth
As a killer aims to silence him forever

The son of Boston Police Chief Tom Ryan goes missing on a harbor cruise. As the suspicious circumstances around his disappearance take shape, Detective Michael Kelly soon finds this case has startling implications that hit home, both personally and professionally.

With Barnes on administrative leave, Kelly is partnered with Homicide's newest member, Mark Cahill, a rising star coming off an impressive tour of duty with BPD's Narcotics Unit. The two face incredible odds as they set out to uncover the COLD HARD TRUTH.

Cold Hard Truth is available as an eBook – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Rachel Hatch Series

Drift (Rachel Hatch Book 1)


USA TODAY & Amazon 2-million copy bestselling author L.T. RYAN has teamed up with police detective Brian Shea for this debut novel in the gripping Rachel Hatch mystery thriller series.

Ex-Army criminal investigator Rachel Hatch is a drifter. No home. No commitments. Until her sister's drowning drags her back to the town she left fifteen years ago.

Convinced her sister's death was no accident, Hatch partners with the local sheriff, Dalton Savage to uncover the truth. Every answer unlocks another question, and as the investigation begins to unravel, Hatch and Savage find their lives on the line.

Hatch is forced to use her special set of skills - forged on the field of combat - to learn the truth about her sister and bring those responsible to justice.

The first novel in one of the most highly-anticipated collaborative series this decade, DRIFT is a tightly woven story, with deeply-developed and endearing characters that will have you rooting for them at every turn, set at an exhilarating pace that will keep you turning pages late into the night.

Drift is available as an eBook, audiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Downburst (Rachel Hatch Book 2)

Seeking answers to her father's death.
Hatch finds herself in a small town outside of Las Cruses, New Mexico.
Controlled by a vicious street gang.
A family caught in the crossfire.
Hatch sets out to make things right.

The quaint town of Luna Vista, turns out to be anything but. A ruthless gang runs a section of the town. In searching for the truth about her father's past, she's pitted against a criminal network that exposes the town's dark secret. Hatch puts her life on the line to help a boy escape the clutches of the gang. Her act puts her in peril.

She finds herself in a battle as treacherous as any she's faced before, against an enemy hellbent on stopping her. Danger lurks around every corner. Hatch 's code, a simple one, Help good people and punish those who hurt others, may prove more difficult a task as the forces against her mount. A whirlwind of threats converge like the unpredictable desert weather and threaten to crash down upon her.

Not afraid of a good fight, Hatch prepares herself for her most difficult battle of her life.

Downburst is designed with the dynamic pacing and story telling fans of L.T. Ryan and Brian Shea have become accustomed to. This sequel is filled with twists and turns, and the relentless pacing that will keep readers turning pages until the very last word.

Downburst is available as an eBookaudiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Fever Burn (Rachel Hatch Book 3)

Seeking justice for her father's murder,
Leads Hatch halfway across the world.
A ruthless warlord stands in the way.
Hatch is forced to take a stand.
And it very well could be her last.

On the trail of her father's killer, Hatch finds the path leads to a remote village in Africa. A vicious warlord controls the area in a stranglehold of violence. Hatch finds a fight she never sought, but one her personal code won't let her walk away from.

Outnumbered and outgunned, Hatch is forced to hold nothing back if she ever hopes to get out alive.

Fever Burn is available as an eBook, audiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Smoke Signal (Rachel Hatch Book 4)

Some people can't start over.
Some pasts you can't outrun.
And when Rachel Hatch's past comes back to haunt her,
The only thing she can do is what she does best.

Rachel Hatch returns to Hawk's Landing after closing the chapter on her father's death. She wants nothing more than to reconnect with her family and to find a new sense of normal. But sometimes the gap between what you want and what you get is as wide as a canyon.

A death on a neighboring reservation has Sheriff Dalton Savage and his small department working overtime to figure out the truth. Hatch tries to maintain her distance from the case.

As the case investigation progresses, Hatch's past comes crashing back. To save the people who matter most in her life, Hatch must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Smoke Signal is available as an eBookaudiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Firewalk (Rachel Hatch Book 5)

Starting over is never easy.
For Hatch, nothing ever is.
Seeking a connection to her past,
Hatch crosses paths with a girl in need.
And she'll risk everything to save her.

In the most intense novel to date, ex-military police officer Rachel Hatch faces off with a criminal enterprise trafficking girls. Hatch can't look the other way and is called by her code of justice to seek resolution. With her back against the wall and innocent lives held in the balance, Hatch does what she does best and brings the fight to the enemy. Only this enemy is unlike any she's ever faced.

And she'll have to walk through fire if she plans to come out alive.

Firewalk is available as an eBook, audiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Whitewater (Rachel Hatch Book 6)

Hatch sets out in relentless pursuit
To save the one that got away.
She finds herself surrounded by a sea of enemies,
And the price for keeping her promise
Might just cost Hatch her life.

Don't miss the explosive sixth installment of the Rachel Hatch thriller series!

Failure has never been an option for Rachel Hatch. A promise made to a teenage girl trapped by a powerful human trafficking ring must be kept.

Hatch's search takes her deep into Mexico where the rules are different and the enemies are numerous.

Finding the girl is only half of the problem. Getting her back home proves to be just as difficult, if not more so.

With two rival cartels on the brink of war and Hatch caught in the middle, she must use everything in her arsenal to survive.

Whitewater is available as an eBook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Aftershock (Rachel Hatch Book 7)

A US Marshal is held hostage.
An ex-convict on a mission
Holds a small Alaskan town under siege
Hatch looks to set things right,
And must be careful not to get swept up in the After Shock.

Rachel Hatch closes a major chapter in her life. A new one begins with an offer from an old friend. This offer puts Hatch at odds. The agency responsible for her father’s murder and who nearly took her life in the mountains of Colorado is now offering her a job opportunity.

Lives hang in the balance as Hatch sets out to honor her code. She quickly finds that things are not what they seem in the small town of Breakneck, Alaska. Hatch finds an ally in the most unlikely of places.

An explosive new addition in the Rachel Hatch saga. Brace yourself for the Aftershock!

Aftershock available as an eBook – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

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