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The Enemies of My Country, by Jason Kasper

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Enemies of My Country

by Jason Kasper

While on a covert mission in Syria, CIA special operator David Rivers has just discovered the enemy’s newest target…his own family. David Rivers is an elite-level assassin. A veteran operator who has served as a Ranger, a mercenary, and now as a CIA contractor conducting covert action around the world.

In his secluded mountain home in Virginia, however, David Rivers lives the quiet life of a family man. His cover legend is so strong that even his wife doesn’t know the true nature of his work.
Half a world away, on a mission to assassinate a foreign operative, Rivers uncovers intelligence pointing to an imminent attack on US soil. Now he must hunt down the terrorists before it’s too late. 
But there was something impossibly chilling about this particular intel.

The target is in his hometown...
...and David Rivers’ wife and daughter are mentioned by name.

From former Green Beret and USA TODAY best selling author Jason Kasper comes a thriller perfect for fans of Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, and Jack Carr.

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