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10 Books for Fans of John Grisham and Legal Thrillers

When John Grisham’s, A Time to Kill, was published in 1989, the former attorney started a new era in legal thrillers. His engrossing plots and relatable characters have inspired countless authors to write their own thrillers set in the world of law and justice. If you’re a Grisham fan, here are ten great titles you’ll

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10 Books for Fans of John Grisham

The Lincoln Lawyer began as a series of legal thrillers from author Michael Connelly. The first book was adapted into a film starring Matthew McConaughey. Now it’s a hit Netflix original series. If you’re a fan and want similar books to read before the show returns for its second season, check out these 10 titles.

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10 Books for Fans of The Lincoln Lawyer

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