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Tournament of Shadows

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Tournament of Shadows

by Andrew Watts & Dale M. Nelson


When a series of dangerous cyberattacks is traced back to Russia, a team of elite CIA operatives must uncover the true aggressor—before the kindling tension between two nuclear powers ignites World War III.

The first strike destroys the Folsom Dam, bringing catastrophic flooding to the Sacramento area.

The second threatens thousands of innocent lives across the Eastern Seaboard; exposing the vulnerability of America's infrastructure.

The Firewall Spies are called into action to identify the source of the attacks before the entire country is thrown into chaos. The incursion is traced back to the Russian Federation, and a reciprocation from the US government risks escalating the conflict into a full-blown world war.

As tensions climb higher, CIA Case Officer Colt McShane begins to suspect that someone else is behind the attacks—someone who wants to see America and Russia at war. Colt leads his team in a series of bold covert actions to uncover the truth, but time is quickly running out.

There can be only one winner in this tournament of shadows…and with the fate of the whole world in their hands, losing is not an option.

TOURNAMENT OF SHADOWS takes readers on a nonstop ride through the deadly world of high-tech espionage as global powers fight for dominance in the new digital age. This electrifying military techno-thriller is perfect for fans of Vince Flynn and Jason Matthews.

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