Aethon Thrills Leaps into Action!

2023 has been full of exciting news so far, and we are very thrilled (Get it?) to announce the exclusive news that Aethon Books is branching out into thrillers. Meet Aethon Thrills, an imprint focused on Thrillers.

Rhett Bruno and Steve Beaulieu of Aethon Books tells Thrillerfix: "We've always been huge fans of the genre and all its little niches, and are jumping in head first with a release slate of Action / Psychological Thrillers, coming this Spring."

This isn't a totally new genre for Aethon. They've published a few titles in the thriller vein here and there, including the Vigilante Thriller THE ROACH, which has been optioned by Sony Pictures TV. But they're amped to bring some high-octane action and mystery to your eyes and ears this year!

Check out the first four launching in the first half of the year, with a not-yet-titled series by award-winning author R.J. Patterson (Titus Black Series) to be released in late 2023.

The Dark is Always Waiting

by TJ Brearton

[COMING 5/9/2023]

Stopping a tragedy makes him a hero...
...But was any of it real?

After surviving a public shooting and saving someone in the process, Alex Baines's life is forever altered... Video of the tragic event spills across social media. Major newspapers are interested. Even movie deals are being offered.

This could be a career boost for the neuroscientist and meditation guru.

But Alex’s marriage hangs on by a thread. His leg is shattered from a bullet wound. Evidence is piling up that the attack was not random. And while police hunt down the gunman, Alex’s wife Corrine begins to worry someone is after her and her two children, too.

All the while, state Investigator Raquel Roth has never seen a case like this. A criminal who makes major mistakes, yet seems to have a master plan. And is someone pulling his strings? As Roth and her partner race to figure out the madman's motive, signs point to an even more sinister plan in the works. If only they can untangle the mystery and stop the disaster in time...

Black Quiet

by Ted Galdi

[COMING 5/23/2023]

They thought they could run the town... Until they attacked the brother of an ex-Special Forces commando.

Cole Maddox just moved back to his hometown in Montana after leaving the Army’s most elite unit because his superiors lied to him. But his town has changed. A ruthless gang of bikers has flooded it with fentanyl, and when Cole’s brother defies them, they put him in a coma.

Big mistake.

Cole unleashes his arsenal of Special Forces skills to take them down. However, he soon learns the gang is only the bottom layer of a criminal network much larger and deadlier than he imagined.

Can Cole get justice for his brother while keeping himself and those closest to him alive? Find out in this fast-paced, adrenaline-surging thrill ride from Ted Galdi.

Sleeper Cell

by Paul Heatley

[COMING 6/6/2023]

A deadly explosion rocks the nation’s capital...

Three seemingly unconnected people – a British ex-Special Forces operative, an ex-Navy Seal, and a teenage girl – find themselves under suspicion for the attack.

Soon, they’re in the middle of a conspiracy that threatens to unsettle the entire United States. If they have any hope to survive the dangerous situation they’ve found themselves in, these strangers must learn to rely on each other, all while the question remains:

Did one of them cause the explosion?

Nefarious organizations arrange themselves behind the political scenes. The players prepare their moves. An entire Country hangs in the balance. Can anyone stop them? Find out in this adrenaline-pumping action-thriller from bestseller Paul Heatley.

Unguilty: The Plea Of The Innocent 1

by JC Ryan

[COMING 6/20/2023]

Sentenced to life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit... Can he be exonerated?

After ten years inside a jail cell, Andy Gibbons has abandoned all hope. Resigned himself to the fact that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

But while Andy may have thrown in the towel, that doesn't mean his wife, Jamie, did.

Disillusioned and worn out by the justice system, the Honorable Judge Regan St. Clair is just about to pack in too when a letter from Jamie Gibbons arrives on her desk.

A letter that changes everything...

Digging deeper, she and a former Special Forces operator named Jake Westley stumble into a frightening underworld of deceit and menace. A world where nothing is as it seems, and no one can be trusted. All the answer these simple question:

Is Andy Gibbons really innocent? Is the price of his freedom worth paying?

Don't miss this crime suspense-thriller about a corrupt organization with a sinister agenda that exploits every weakness and every dark corner of the fallible justice system.  

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