Pandemic by A.G. Riddle


Official Thrillerfix Review James Rosone & Miranda Watson

10 August 2018

What’s it about?: Pandemic starts out in Kenya with a deadly outbreak of a weaponized version of the deadly Ebola virus. As a team from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta is rushed to the scene, they soon uncover a sinister plot that this outbreak may not have been accidental. 

As the scientists begin to look more closely, they soon discover a hidden secret that no one was supposed to stumble upon—a secret consortium of scientists, funded by wealthy global elites running a dangerous laboratory experiment with the world as their test subject.

A.G. Riddle is a phenomenal story creator with nearly 20,000 reviews on Amazon. The colorful language, the way he can visually describe a scene, the emotions of the characters, and the desires and fears they exhibit is incredible. The way he weaves these details and backstory throughout the book added innumerable layers of complexity that only deepened its richness.

Why should you buy this book?: Why would you not?! The unbelievably vivid characters, the layered scenes and visual descriptions of this global pandemic unfolding were both gripping and hard to put down.

To make matters more high-stakes, we learn that it’s not just about this pandemic but the biogenetic re-engineering of the human race. If you like non-stop action, rich details, and a plausible scenario, then you will love this latest series by A.G. Riddle.