Silver Package: Publicity Partner


Advertise to the exact type of customer that you are looking to reach. Did you write a book about serial killers? We can place ads for you in the articles on our website directly related to this type of content. Each article was written by an organic traffic expert and is viewed by 5-20k thriller fans per month. Our content expert will find just the right spots for you and if it doesn’t exist, we will make it.

In addition to advertising within the perfect spot on our website, we will include your book and its description in our weekly “ThrillerPicks” email that reaches 40K+ thriller fans.

What this package includes:

  • 2 side-bar display ads in articles recommended by our content experts. Each article will run for one month and is designed to target 5-20k searches per month. See example here.
  • 1 email spot in our weekly “ThrillerPicks” email. Email is organized by our 8 sub-genres and the location inside the email is determined by content. See example here.
  • Inclusion on our Facebook Reader Page (4,000+ thriller fans!)

Disclaimer: ThrillerFix reserves the right to evaluate all advertising partners, even after a purchase has been made. If it is determined that your product is not the right fit for any reason a full refund will be made. We are currently only accepting titles with 25 reviews, 4.3 stars, high-quality cover, and from authors who have not advertised with ThrillerFix in the last 3 months.

  • *What are you promoting?
    *What is the name of your book (or other content)?
    *Which genre would you most consider your book to be a part of?
    *Upload your book cover graphic (.jpg or .png only)

    (5MB file size limit, 1600 x 2560 pixel size. Any other file format will not be accepted and will delay the processing of the order)

    *Book Tagline (200 character max) used for email promotion
    *Ad Copy (80 character max) used for display ad
    *Enter the click-through URL for your ad. We recommend using retailer product pages for the best results, but you can also enter a URL for a custom landing page.

    If form is not accepting your URL, please add https:// to the front of your URL.

    *In which month would you like your package to launch? Our customer service team will reach out to give you the exact dates of email blasts.
    *What type of promotion is this?
    *Price during promotion
    *Date range of promotion. If no promotion, type NA.
    *Does your book have at least 25 reviews and 4.3 stars on Amazon?
    *How did you hear about us? If it was another author who currently uses ThrillerFix, please include their name so we can thank them.