No Secrets Remain

Faith McClellan Novels Book 7

By LynDee Walker

A dangerous new threat forces Texas Ranger Faith McClellan to go rogue with an off-the-books investigation.

Murder Unveiled

By J.T. Bishop

When a killer murders a prominent art dealer following the unveiling of a famous, but cursed, painting, Detectives Daniels and Remalla are assigned to investigate.

The Arrangement

Booker Johnson Thrillers Book 2

By Mel Taylor with Brian Shea

The truth might be more than reporter Booker Johnson bargained for.

Book of Secrets

Vital Secrets Series Book 1

By D.F. Hart

A harrowing ordeal puts FBI profiler Nathan Thomas and girlfriend Bella Amsel face to face with pure evil.

Caged Canary

Tales of Suspense Story 2

By Jerry Jamison

A horrible train crash.

A dead husband. 

A grieving widow.

But is Birdie Barrington really who she says she is?

Lost Grove: Part One

Lost Grove Series Book 1

By Charlotte Zang & Alex Knudsen

The first in a paranormal mystery duology that explores the twisted legends and mysteries in one small town.

When Cicadas Cry

By Caroline Cleveland

Zach Stander, a lawyer with a past, and Addie Stone, his indomitable detective and lover, find themselves entangled in secrets, lies, and murder in a small Southern town.

Related by Blood

By Holly Sheidenberger

Can one mistake destroy your life?

It did for Cleo.

How far is she willing to go to get back the life she lost and who will she have to hurt to do it?

Flight of the Intruder

Jake Grafton Series Book 1

By Stephen Coonts

No one before or since ever captured the world of Navy carrier pilots with the gripping realism of Vietnam veteran Stephen Coonts, who lived the life he wrote about.

Dangerous Games

Leah Nash Mysteries Book 11

By Susan Hunter

When a good man with a troubled past perishes in a fire, only Leah Nash can unravel the tangled mystery behind his death. 

The Cardinal's Curse

Turner and Mosley Files Book 2

By LynDee Walker and Bruce Robert Coffin

Danger has a new destination. 

The Last Monument

Monument Series Book 1

By Michael C. Grumley

One small handwritten letter, sent from a distant corner of the planet and lost in the system for sixty years... is about to change the entire human race. 

Conflict of Duty

Sam Johnstone Legal Thrillers Book 6

By James Chandler

The pursuit of the truth might cost one Wyoming lawyer everything‚Ķ 

The Wives

By Tarryn Fisher

Who exactly is your husband, and how far would you be willing to go to find out?
And who is his mysterious third wife? 

Burden of the Assassin

Peter Black Series Book 1

By David Archer and Vince Vogel

You were born alone.
You will live alone.
You will die alone.
This is the burden of the assassin.

Ask for Andrea

By Noelle W. Ihli

Meghan, Brecia, and Skye have just one thing in common.
They were all murdered by the same man.