The Echelon Vendetta by David Stone

the echelon vendetta

Official Thrillerfix Review by Bradley Wright

31 October 2017

What’s it about? CIA agent Micah Dalton is a “cleaner”. He takes care of other agents’ mistakes. And he is very good at it. Dalton’s investigation of a mentor’s apparent suicide leads him into the snare of a madman, and into a conspiracy within his own agency. A long-hidden secret from the past resurfaces and the only thing that is certain amongst the chaos is that this job is going to get messy.

What makes it special? The author worked as an intelligence officer, and it shows in his knowledge displayed throughout the book. But it is his attention to detail in setting the scene, and developing the characters that engulfs you in the ruthless and dangerous world where Micah Dalton thrives. It’s truly a thrilling read that will have you immediately moving on to the second book in the series.