The Other Woman by Daniel Silva

the other woman

Official Thrillerfix Review by Andrew Watts

11 October 2018

Daniel Silva might be the best espionage writer today. His prose is beautiful, his characters rich, and his plots are incredibly fresh.  The Other Woman is his latest, and if you haven’t read it yet, I urge you to pick up a copy today. The novel revisits Silva’s main protagonist, Israeli spymaster Gabriel Allon.  

The cerebral Allon is now head of Israel’s intelligence organization known as The Office.  When a meeting between Israeli agents and a Russian mole turns deadly, Allon is called upon to investigate the matter.  In doing so, he soon discovers a Russian plot to infiltrate the highest levels of the US and UK’s intelligence agencies.  

A plot that has been in the works for decades, and will soon allow Russia unfettered access to classified espionage operations around the world. Gabriel Allon can’t let that happen.  But it will take all of his wit and focus to overcome those who would stand in his way: Russian agents, government bureaucrats, and an old Soviet puppet master who would love nothing more than to take down Allon himself.

I write military and espionage thrillers for a living.  When I want to read a best-in-class novel in the genre, Daniel Silva is my go-to.  The Other Woman doesn’t disappoint.