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The Perfect Ending by Rob Kaufman is his latest book release. Be sure to pick up your copy, and then keep scrolling to learn how you could win a signed copy!

An excerpt from “The Perfect Ending”…

Scott turned back toward the station to see a beautiful blonde woman in a bright red tee- shirt pushing her way through the crowd.

Her arm was stretched out toward him, the look in her eyes revealing both compassion and horror. If we only met two minutes ago… maybe I could’ve written about you… maybe I still can!

His mind was in flux as he twisted his head around and saw the train just a few feet away. He closed his eyes, unsure of which way he was leaning, when he felt a hand grab his shirt.

That was the last thing he remembered before the screams pierced his skull and everything around him went black.

The Perfect Ending Giveaway


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The Perfect Ending

Paralyzed by writer’s block, Scott Atwood (an award winning, psychological thriller author) realizes his career is over. He decides to end his life in a way that will thrill fans with his typical mind-blowing finale.

But just as Scott resolves to jump in front of a train, he comes up with a plot for his next bestseller — a thriller-suspense writer who wreaks havoc in other people’s lives to help create new ideas.

He starts by exposing his neighbor’s affair with devastating and lethal repercussions. His plan quickly spirals wildly out of control as the lines between fiction and reality get hazy and deadly.

This twisted and masterful Hitchcockian thriller will shock you with the perfect ending.