The Wanted by Robert Crais

the wanted

Official Thrillerfix Review Ty Patterson

20 September 2018

If you are a fan of Joe Pike, as I am, you’ll turn the pages quicker to get to his entrance in The Wanted. The lethal man of silence has a smaller role to play in #17 of the Elvis Cole series. However, that doesn’t make the book any less enjoyable.

Devon Connor hires Elvis to investigate her teenage son, Tyson, after discovering a $40,000 watch in his bedroom. Cole investigates and finds Tyson is part of a burglary gang, targeting wealthy homes.

A lesser author would have spun a simple take of mystery. Robert Crais is no lesser author. In The Wanted, he explores familial relationships, single parenting, and the shock of finding one’s son to be a burglar.

There’s also the often-tenuous bonds between friends, and in an unexpected and very welcome surprise, Crais introduces Harvey and Stemms.

They are stone-cold killers who are hunting Tyson, but they are unlike any other killer Crais has written about. There is a layered relationship between the two of them which is as compelling as the one between Cole and Pike.

Crais weaves a multi-textured plot as the story progresses and delivers a highly satisfying reveal as well as the climactic scene.

Read The Wanted and enjoy a master at the top of his game.