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A marriage is never easy, but once you throw an affair and murder into the mix, it becomes less than ideal. This is the sticky situation for the married couple, Adam and Sarah, in Jeneva Rose's The Perfect Marriage. Sarah is winning in life. She's a successful lawyer who just became a partner at her firm. Meanwhile, Adam is in a rut as a struggling writer. He has the not-so-smart plan of having an affair with Kelly Summers, who ends up dead in their second home, which leads to Adam's arrest. To add to the drama, Sarah becomes his defense attorney and defends him for the murder of his mistress.

The Perfect Marriage is a true crime meets psychological thriller that will keep the reader on their toes. This messy romance novel will excite readers, as they won't know what's fact and fiction. If you enjoy this book, here are some more emotional and dramatic thrillers you'll love!


The Mistress by Jill Childs

Anna adores her husband Ralph even though she knows he's had multiple affairs. At the end of the day, he's her husband, and she knows he'll never leave her. However, Anna's bubble is shattered when she comes home to find him dead. This psychological thriller is filled with twists as you learn new

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information little by little. Fans of The Perfect Marriage will love the mystery and murder elements in The Mistress, as well as the story of the not-so-perfect wife. Read here.

Stay with Me by Ayobami Adebayo

Stay with Me is a heartwrenching page-turner. College sweethearts Yejide and Akin live in Nigeria and reject polygamy. They know they are soulmates. However, Yejide has trouble getting pregnant, causing Akin's mother to show up with his second wife. Yejide feels forced to take desperate measures to have a 

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baby, and ultimately, people are betrayed, and sacrifices are made. This novel is innately human and emotional but still filled with shocking discoveries. If you enjoyed the suspense of The Perfect Marriage and the drama relationships can bring, Stay with Me is an excellent pick. Read here.

 The Lying Club by Annie Ward

3. The Lying Club by Annie Ward

If you want to dive into the elite world of prep schools, you'll love The Lying Club. Here we have three different women with three different agendas who are all obsessed with the same rich and dreamy man. As they deal with their own issues and bratty teens, two dead bodies are suddenly the focal point of the 

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school. You'll have to keep reading to find out who's lying and who's telling the truth. Most of the characters are unlikeable, but that's the point. Not knowing who to believe only builds suspense in this psychological thriller. The Perfect Marriage is littered with the same motifs like infidelity, love, and secrets, so any fan of that will also enjoy The Lying Club. Read here.

Just Married by Kiersten Modglin

4. Just Married by Kiersten Modglin

Grace is over the moon to be newly married to Ryan, the perfect husband. However, red flags are raised when they have their honeymoon and things go awry. While Grace is panicked, Ryan seems aloof, so she knows something is wrong. Was this marriage a mistake? Why isn't he protecting her? Grace needs 

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to figure things out on her own while she is now wary and suspicious of the secrets her husband may harbor. Although it starts off cliche, Just Married is anything but that. Anyone who enjoyed The Perfect Marriage will also love the themes of mistrust, judgment, and suspense. The novel unfolds into the perfect mystery and will leave you guessing until the end. Read here.

My Husband's Wife by Jane Corry

5. My Husband's Wife by Jane Corry

My Husband's Wife has a lot to unpack. The beginning starts with Lily, a defense attorney on her first case defending a man accused of killing his fiancee. Lily strangely has an affinity for her defendant but is married to Ed. Over the years, their marriage becomes rocky as Lily and Ed drift apart, and it only gets worse 

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when their old neighbor, a little girl named Carla, now a woman, appears out of the blue. This may force Lily to come clean about her own secrets. At times, this story can be a little hard to follow, but persevere—it's worth it. This gripping tale will leave you guessing and wanting more. Fans of The Perfect Marriage will love that we have a psychological thriller combined with a courtroom drama. Read here.

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The Couple at the Table by Sophie Hannah

Finally, we have a story about couples in love, kind of. In The Couple at the Table, Lucy and her fiance, Pete, go to a resort. Unbeknownst to them, William, Lucy's first husband who left her, is there with his current wife, Jane. Jane receives a warning note informing her to beware of a couple and later ends up 

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murdered. This is the ultimate mystery with no solution in sight. Who killed Jane? Past flames and murder heat up this thriller as the investigation seems to never end. The Couple at the Table will enthrall anyone who enjoyed The Perfect Marriage with the build-up and shocking conclusion. Read here.

The Marriage Lie by Kimberley Belle

Iris was happily married until her husband Will died in a plane crash en route to Seattle. Iris is not only devastated but confused. He was supposed to be going to Florida. Why would Will lie to her? They had no secrets, or so she thought. Iris finds out more than she bargains for as she starts hunting for answers. This 

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novel is emotional and full of surprises. Like with The Perfect Marriage, it will be hard to put this book down. Not everything is as it seems, and maybe Will isn't the only one with secrets. Read Here.

Misjudged by James Chandler

Sam thought his life might be easy as a lawyer in rural Wyoming until he started working on Tommy Olsen's case. A young woman is brutally murdered, and it is uncovered that she had been sleeping with Tommy before her death. Everyone suspects Tommy since he has a terrible reputation across town. It's Sam's job to 

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figure out what really happened and defend his client. Fans of The Perfect Marriage will like the courtroom drama and the legal aspects, as well as the mysterious death of the woman. What really happened to her if it wasn't Tommy who killed her? Read here.

A Reasonable Doubt by Phillip Margolin

In this legal thriller, Robin is a criminal defense attorney looking into the disappearance of a magician. It sounds cliché that a magician would vanish into thin air, but this one was linked to three deaths, including the death of his wealthy wife. Is this some sort of disappearing act, or did something terrible 

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happen to him as well? Robin is determined to uncover the truth but finds more secrets than answers. Like The Perfect Marriage, readers will be on their toes every step of the way. Fans will appreciate the legal procedural aspects and the excitement of murder and deceit. Read here.

Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow

Here we have a final legal thriller with Presumed Innocent. Rusty, a prosecutor, risks it all for a beautiful woman: his career, wife, and life as he knows it. This beautiful woman is Carolyn, a fellow lawyer who ends up dead. Rusty is now on trial for her murder. Another sordid affair makes this list, so we have all the 

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elements for an exciting thriller with true crime, obsession, and love. The Perfect Marriage also shares these elements. Read here.

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Bonus Picks! Movies Similar to The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose

The Vanished

Paul and Wendy seemingly have a perfect family and marriage in the film The Vanished. It all takes a turn for the worst when their young daughter goes missing on a camping trip. They alert the authorities but can't help but do their own investigating. We quickly see the cracks in their relationship as they 

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desperately search for their daughter and plot against anyone who gets in their way. This psychological thriller will shock you in the end. If you were in suspense for The Perfect Marriage, you'll love the tension between Paul and Wendy as their relationship strains and the pressure mounts. Watch here.

 Fatal Affair

Fatal Affair is a delicious recipe for disaster. This film centers around Ellie, who is happily married but has a drunken affair with an acquaintance from college, David, who also happens to be working for her law firm. David becomes obsessed with Ellie and begins stalking her. Oh, and it's rumored that he 

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murdered his wife. Things continue to get worse as David cozies up and befriends Ellie's husband, solidifying himself in her life. If you lived for the drama of infidelity and murder in The Perfect Marriage, you're sure to love Fatal Affair.

There you have it! If you enjoyed The Perfect Marriage, then you're in for a treat with these mystery books, movies and  TV shows that blend legal, crime and mystery. From spine-tingling thrillers to time-twisting psychological dramas, there's something on this list for everyone. So curl up with your favorite blanket and get ready to be shocked, surprised, and entertained by your next favorite mystery.

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