Five Summer Releases for Fans of Vince Flynn

Five Summer Releases for Fans of Vince Flynn

Publish Date: July 18th, 2019 |  Written by Gavin Reese

Like many thriller readers, I’m awaiting the September 24th release of “VINCE FLYNN LETHAL AGENT,” and I know I’m not alone in needing a few suggestions to help me pass the time. Here, in no particular order, are five recommendations for recent and upcoming releases to see Mitch Rapp’s devoted fanbase through the dog days of summer:


1. “BACKLASH” by #1 New York Times bestseller Brad Thor just released on June 28, and I can’t say enough good things about this book. Brad talks about his intent to make each novel better than the last, and he absolutely did that here. Given the Russian-US tensions that escalated several years ago, it’s unsurprising that thriller authors worked to make something of those headlines. BACKLASH, though, offers one of the more unique takes I’ve read this year, and I really appreciated the obvious effort that went into crafting his story. Despite Thor’s deep catalogue of novels, this one offers a fantastic entry point to his hero Scot Harvath without having read any of the previous stories. Harvath, a former Navy SEAL and covert operative, is kidnapped by elements of the Russian intelligence apparatus who also murdered the most important people in his life. If you did read last year’s “SPY MASTER,” this picks up right where that bestseller left off, and you owe it to yourself to find out what happens next.

2. “GAME OF SNIPERS” by Stephen Hunter released on July 30 and is the latest installment in his acclaimed Bob Lee Swagger series. Prolific sniper Swagger (remember the Mark Wahlberg movie, “SHOOTER?”) agrees to help a mother who’s risked everything she has to track the sniper who killed her son. His favor to the Gold Star mother becomes Swagger’s obsession, and he finds himself propelled back into working alongside the Mossad, the FBI, and local American cops to find the only sniper who might be his equal. Together, they have to identify the sniper’s next target and permanently prevent his next trigger pull. 

The New Girl

3. “THE NEW GIRL” by Daniel Silva published on July 16th, and the #1 New York Times bestseller’s devoted fans have another reason to sing his praises. Undoubtedly inspired by recent headlines, the daughter of Saudi prince Khalid bin Mohammed is kidnapped from a private boarding school in Switzerland. KBM, as he is known, is a divisive figure in global politics who both wants to sever the monarchy’s ties to terrorism and ordered the murder of a dissident journalist. The crown prince contacts Gabriel Allon, a famed Israeli intelligence chief and the only man KBM trusts to rescue his daughter. These unlikely allies fight a clandestine war that risks losing the kidnapped daughter’s life, the Saudi monarchy, and control of all the Middle East.

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4. Although “THE EIGHTH SISTER” by Robert Dugoni released in April, Mitch Rapp fans will enjoy an introduction to this series about former CIA case officer Charles Jenkins. Readers find Jenkins in a desperate stretch of his life: in his early sixties with family obligations and a child on the way, his private security business is circling the drain. When his circumstances compel Jenkins to accept an assignment from his former CIA chief, he heads to Moscow to hunt an assassin that’s targeting a secret US cell known as “The Seven Sisters.” The target’s identity soon pits him against Russian intelligence and the CIA, and forces Jenkins to attempt a dangerous escape to attempt to save his own life and freedoms.

5. “RED METAL,” coauthored by New York Times bestseller Mark Greaney and retired Lt. Col. H. Ripley Rawlings IV (USMC) just released on July 16th, and it guarantees to treat international espionage fans to a whirlwind ride across the globe. When I interviewed Greaney in March, he discussed the extensive research efforts and exclusive access to military assets he and Rip got to put into this project. In this frighteningly realistic portrayal of a potential WWIII, politicians in the Kremlin use an Asian military crisis to simultaneously strike into Western Europe and invade east African nations in a desperate, all-in venture to control Rare Earth mineral mines and ensure Russia unprecedented control over the world’s hi-tech sector for generations to come. Readers ride along with key players in the conflict: a Marine lieutenant colonel ripped from a Pentagon desk job to lead in Africa; a French captain in the Special Forces and his father, who’s an intelligence operative; an instrumental young Polish female fighter; a tank-killing Warthog pilot; and an American tank platoon commander fighting alongside his NATO comrades from behind enemy lines in Germany en route to Russia. You won’t read this in one sitting, but you should be prepared to be joyfully held hostage for a long weekend.

Kicker: “TRUE BELIEVER,” the second novel by acclaimed author and former US Navy SEAL Jack Carr, features James Reece as its main character. A former SEAL with a dark and pardoned past, Reece occasionally aids the CIA to hunt terrorists across the globe. This time, he’s called to find an ex-Iraqi commando who’s coordinated terrorist attacks across Europe to collapse the global economy. As the enemy disappears into the European underground, Reece pursues him into the shadows as untold lives and innumerable governments hang in the balance. 

Ace In The Hole: Tim Tigner, an Amazon All-Star Author known for his bestselling Kyle Achilles series, released a new standalone in May. “THE PRICE OF TIME” is described as a fast-paced philosophical mystery-thriller born from the marriage of Agatha Christie and Michael Crichton. Main characters Zachary Chase and Skyler Fawkes are immersed in secret meetings and surrounded by strange disappearances, murders, covert operatives and assassins, and cast into sexy locations across the globe, all in search of the answer to one of man’s oldest questions: would finding the Fountain of Youth be a blessing or a curse? This book grabbed me from the first chapter as its characters examine the moral conundrum of “can” versus “should” in billion-dollar scientific research projects. With that much money on the table, I expect some of Tigner’s characters will find the moral flexibility to do anything to grab their share, consequences and salvation be damned.

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