Five Summer Releases Recommended for Fans of JD Robb

Five Summer Releases for Fans of JD Robb

Publish Date: July 18th, 2019 |  Written by Gavin Reese

Even though critically acclaimed and beloved New York Times bestseller JD Robb routinely provides readers with new material, many find themselves searching for escape between her releases. Here are five recommendations, in no particular order, that may satiate their appetite until the September 3rd publication of “VENDETTA IN DEATH:”

1. “EXPIRE,” by bestseller Danielle Girard, just released on July 9th and is the fourth book in her thriller series detailing the adventures of Medical Examiner Anna Schwartzman. New readers won’t have to read the previous three, but they’re sure to do so because the story explodes and hooked me from Page One. Anna and her lover, Inspector Hal Harris, have waited eight years for her ex-husband to return and exact revenge. When she’s abducted, tied up, and held hostage at an isolated cabin, her fear escalates because she doesn’t know her captor. Harris struggles to find Anna, but he knows her ex-husband is fifteen-hundred miles away. Is he drawing Harris closer to Anna, or preventing him from rescuing her? Although Danielle Girard works with a number of technical advisors to compose realistic stories, she effectively incorporates creative license to continually push the story forward.

2. “GIRLS LIKE US” is a “Buy It” recommendation from Kirkus Reviews. Cristina Alger, who wrote last year’s bestseller, “THE BANKER’S WIFE,” penned this psychological suspense thriller that lets you see the world through the eyes of FBI Agent Nell Flynn. The story opens with Nell helping her deceased father’s detective friends spread the difficult man’s ashes out to sea. As a retired cop, this book’s deep authenticity brought me right inside the boat as Nell listens to her companions swapping stories about their friend and his exploits on the Suffolk County PD. When she agrees to help her father’s former partner investigate the murders of two women, it’s clear that Nell’s past history with the decedent will play into her pursuit of justice.

3. “LABYRINTH” by #1 New York Times Bestseller Catherine Coulter landed on July 30th. This wildly popular series follows the lives of now-married FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock and, despite being the 23rd installment, this much anticipated story is an enjoyable story for new readers, as well. The plot begins when Agent Sherlock’s car is unexpectedly T-boned in Washington, DC. The collision spins the car beyond her control, and she strikes a pedestrian just before losing consciousness. Sherlock wakes in the hospital to discover the man she hit is a CIA analyst who’s since disappeared. Meanwhile, Sherlock’s husband, Agent Savich, is called to help investigate a kidnapping and alleged murders that point to police corruption in a small town. Catherine Coulter is routinely praised for writing complex, eerie thrillers, and this story exceeds already high expectations.

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4. “THE FIRST LADY” by James Patterson and Brenden DuBois landed in March, and this standalone treats readers to the urgent investigation into the disappearance of the president’s wife. US Secret Service Special Agent Sally Grissom heads up the Presidential Protection Detail, and she’s put in charge of locating the missing First Lady while keeping her disappearance a secret. Amidst public revelations of the president’s scandalous affair, a ransom note arrives at the White House, along with one of the First Lady’s fingers.

5. Lisa Jackson is a #1 New York Times bestseller with more than seventy-five novels to her name. Her latest release, “PARANOID,” pulls readers into the twisted tale of Rachel Gaston, who many believe got away with murder twenty years ago. Accidentally killing her half-brother plagues her life and led her husband, a police detective, to divorce. Now at her high school reunion, a string of recent murders resemble her half-brother’s death and Rachel must fight to find out who set her up all those years before they can do it again.  

Kicker: “DARK SACRED NIGHT” by #1 New York Times bestseller Michael Connelly has characters Renee Ballard and Harry Bosch co-starring in this gritty murder mystery. Ballard is a principled and persecuted female detective who’s been stonewalled since filing a sexual harassment claim against her former supervisor. Working the night shift in an unpopular precinct, she’s forced to partner with retired legend Harry Bosch to find a serial killer targeting one of society’s most vulnerable populations. The two investigators must quickly learn to trust one another, and their respective penchant for bending the rules, if they’re to survive and catch the killer before he strikes again. Although released last fall, this near-perfect story sets readers up for the forthcoming second installment of “THE NIGHT FIRE” this October. 

Ace In The Hole: ML Rose released “THE LOST SISTER” last year, and it’s currently racing up the sales charts. This is the first book in the Detective Arla Baker series, and the story grabbed hold of me right from the first paragraph. Arla’s sister Nicole disappeared 15 years ago from Clapman Common Park, and Arla never stopped looking for her. Today, she’s dispatched to investigate a murder at the same park that suggests the work of a psychopath; a second body soon appears at the same location with identical markings to the first. Arla believes the serial killer knows something of Nicole’s disappearance, and she must continue hunting even as she becomes the prey and risks her own life. New fans will be grateful to know ML Rose has already published three more books in this series!

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