15 Amazing Psychological Thriller Books, Movies, TV Shows, and Podcasts for Fans of The Last Thing He Told Me

Reese Witherspoon constantly uses her book club to prove that she has taste, and The Last Thing He Told Me may be her best work yet. On the surface, it feels like a run-of-the-mill domestic thriller … and things take a psychological turn. Is there anything more terrifying than learning that you know nothing about the people closest to you?

If you survived all of Laura Dave’s twists and turns, you might be ready for some fresh drama. Here are our top psychological thriller picks for fans of The Last Thing He Told Me

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Scott Atwood, a psychological thriller author, decides to end his life when he becomes paralyzed by writer's block. Just as he resolves to jump in front of a train, he comes up with a plot for his next bestseller – a thriller writer who wreaks havoc in people’s lives to create new storylines. And he starts by exposing his

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neighbor's affair - the first in a sequence of devastating and lethal repercussions. The Perfect Ending is all the things we love about The Last Thing He Told Me. Read here.

A secret is about to be revealed from one estranged sister to the other but before she has the chance, disaster strikes. Convinced this was no accident, Lillian begins to explore her sister’s past, uncovering disturbing secrets. Following the engaging style of The Last Thing He Told Me, Imposter, by Bradeigh Godfrey 

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carves out its own place in the world of thrillers with its special brand of family drama, a determined heroine, and heartbreaking plot twists. Read here.

If you thought a husband going missing in The Last Thing He Told Me was terrible, imagine losing your children. That’s the case for a Russian mother in Disappearing Earth, who goes on a desperate search for her daughters after they vanish. Through multiple perspectives, we see the complex dynamics of a 

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small town at play and slowly realize that things are more complicated than they seem. Read here.

Lowen Ashleigh is hired to ghostwrite the concluding novels in a bestselling thriller series after its original author is completely incapacitated by a horrible accident. When she moves into the author’s home, Lowen forms a close bond with the author’s husband … and also encounters horrifying information in the

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author’s notes. No one is who they seem to be.  Read here.

Alex Michaelides’ debut novel, The Silent Patient, is a staple among fans of psychological thrillers. But have you made time to check out his follow-up? If you loved the book The Last Thing He Told Me, you’ll be enraptured by this tale of an aunt desperate to rescue her niece from a teacher she’s sure is a murderer. Read here.

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Watch Movies and TV for fans of The Last Thing He Told Me.

1. Severance

It’s time for some work-life balance. You followed a woman trying to find her husband and save her family in The Last Thing He Told Me. Now, let’s head to the office for an incredible thrilling set during business hours. Mark heads up a team of employees whose brains have been surgically divided between work 

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and home. However, they’re starting to catch on to the fact that something is up, and they’re determined to find out the truth.

2. The Girl Before

The main character of The Last Thing He Told Me started to wonder if she could trust her husband. In The Girl Before, our protagonist must question whether she can trust her house. What at first appears to be her dream home suddenly becomes nightmarish as she learns the truth about the woman who lived there 

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before her. She needs to find an escape before she ends up just like the previous girl.

3.  The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

Kristen Bell stars in this dark comedy, which features a wine-obsessed nosy neighbor who thinks she witnesses a murder across the street. You’ve probably never seen a thriller title this long, but you definitely will be familiar with the thriller tropes this series parodies. For the thriller fan who’s seen it all, this self-

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aware show pokes fun at the genre while also providing heart-stopping moments and a real mystery you’ll be dying to solve.

4. Truth Be Told

What’s better than a thriller movie about thriller podcasts? One that stars Octavia Spencer. Truth Be Told is a harrowing series about an investigator who will do anything for the truth and justice. If you loved the strong female lead in the book The Last Thing He Told Me, Spencer as Poppy Parnell will not disappoint.

When Fauna Hodel sets out to find information on her biological family, she has no idea where the investigation will take her. She certainly couldn’t have expected it to point toward a legendary murder, with one of her relatives serving as a prime suspect. The show only gets scarier when you realize it’s based on a 

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true story. But don’t worry—Chris Pine’s lovely face will be there to comfort you the whole time. Watch here.

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Thrilling LISTENS for fans of The Last Thing He Told Me.

1. Archive 81

In The Last Thing He Told Me, Hannah Hall embarks on a journey hoping to find her husband. In Archive 81, everything’s already been discovered. We’re presented with found footage and audio files and left with unending questions about what it could all mean. Get ready—this one is a mind-bender. 

2. Sandra

In Sandra, our main character Helen is hoping to get a fresh start. She has a new job, working on a new piece of technology with the power to change everything. Sandra is the artificial intelligence of choice for most people, and Helen is now working on her. Unfortunately, the new job isn’t everything that it 

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seems. Helen soon realizes that what she hoped would be a solution for her life is actually a big problem.

You’ve already read the “finding the husband” story—now it’s time for the “finding the wife” story. Our protagonist is a truck driver who has always assumed her wife was dead. When she realizes there’s a chance she’s still out there, she embarks on a road trip that will change everything. Listen here.

4. Rabbits

Neil Patrick Harris called the Rabbits podcast “addicting” (as the star of a binge-worthy show like How I Met Your Mother, he should know). Carly Parker’s hunt for her missing friend leads her to a dangerous game. Winning seems almost impossible, but the rumored prizes are hard to resist. 

5. Mabel

Mabel’s website describes this series perfectly and succinctly: “a podcast about ghosts, family secrets, strange houses, and missed connections.” If you thought the family dynamics and missing clues of The Last Thing He Told Me were intense, just imagine what happens when you get ghosts involved.

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