10 Books for Fans of The Good Nurse

Medical professionals are supposed to protect us in our most vulnerable states. Netflix's The Good Nurse challenges that notion and helps us remember that evil exists everywhere, even in hospitals. The Good Nurse is based on the novel of the same name by Charles Graeber. It captures the chilling true story of a nurse who realizes her coworker is a serial killer that's been murdering their patients. He was a wolf in sheep's clothing, beloved by many but killing whenever he had the chance.

If The Good Nurse unsettled you but left you wanting more, you are sure to love these 10 recommended novels and a bonus movie and podcast. They are medical thrillers with strong female leads, murder, serial killers, and deceit that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

The Nurse by JA Corrigan

Rose Marlowe is behind bars for murdering her patient. She always seemed like a loving wife and a nurse devoted to helping others, but there's much more to her story. In The Nurse, we follow true crime writer Theo, who is not so sure that Rose is guilty, but maybe he's just another victim falling for her innocent facade. 

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If you loved the suspense in The Good Nurse on Netflix, you'll love how this story will make you question whether Rose is a cold-blooded killer or simply a troubled nurse who is being framed for murder. Read here.

Blind Eye by James B Stewart

To our dismay, many medical professionals murder their patients in cold blood while flying under the radar for years. Blind Eye follows Dr. Michael Swango's disturbing kill spree that fellow doctors and the medical system unknowingly enabled. Like The Good Nurse on Netflix, this novel is a true story that shows 

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how easy it can be to get away with harming patients under your care. Read here.

The First Harm by Steven Piskula

Tanna is thrown into a difficult predicament during her first year of medical school. In her dissection class, she realizes that the cadaver she's been assigned to was murdered. As she treads with caution, she realizes that this crime is much more serious than a simple murder, and the secrets she uncovers 

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begin to put her life in danger. The First Harm is a murder mystery that will shock you as you find out who's involved. Fans of The Good Nurse will be captivated by disturbing motivations and seemingly reasonable people who are actually causing harm. Read here.

Dissection by Cristina Leport

An alarming amount of stroke and heart attack victims end up in Dr. Leeds' care. Their illnesses and deaths are caused by one person who warns them of their fate. The FBI gets involved once the victims extend to government officials. Who is doing this, and why? This unconventional form of terrorism is a terrifying 

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notion. Someone with medical knowledge is the only one who could cause this kind of harm. If you enjoyed The Good Nurse, you'll love Dissection. It has a similar plot that follows a serial killer who uses their medical expertise to cause destruction. Read here.

The Patient by Jane Shemlit

In The Patient, Dr. Rachel Goodchild's life is turned upside down once she begins having an affair with her French patient, Luc. As the story unfolds, we learn that Rachel is being stalked, her marriage is crumbling, her colleague gets murdered, and then Luc is arrested for it. What else can go wrong? The Patient

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is intense and full of drama. It will keep readers guessing about the murder and how Rachel deals with the chaos around her. Like The Good Nurse, we have an intelligent and hardworking woman in the medical field that is suddenly thrust into a dangerous situation. Read here.

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The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen

There's a serial killer lurking around Boston known as "The Surgeon." This terrifying nickname comes from the way he murders his victims. He is precise and clearly has a medical background. It is up to Detective Moore and Detective Rizzoli to solve the case before more women suffer a horrific fate. The Surgeon

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is a thrilling piece of work and embodies similar disturbing concepts to The Good Nurse. Someone with a medical background is using their knowledge to end lives instead of saving them. Read here.

The Nurse's Secret by Liz Lawler

Nurse Sarah Shaw is being investigated for murdering her new husband. So far, all of the evidence leads to her. However, her husband may not be a completely innocent victim, and Sarah may have some secrets, although she denies that she's a killer. The Nurse's Secret is an intense thriller, and like The Good Nurse 

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on Netflix, you'll want to know if a seemingly perfect nurse is actually a twisted murderer. Read here.

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient is a psychological thriller that will leave you breathless. Alicia murders her husband, and as she accepts her fate to live out the rest of her life in a psychiatric ward, she refuses to speak. No one knows why she killed her husband, but Dr. Faber is determined to find out. Understanding motives for 

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murder will interest fans of The Good Nurse. Maybe there is a dark secret to uncover, or perhaps some people just want to kill. Read here.

Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney

Amber is living most people's worst nightmare. She's in hospital in a coma, but she's completely lucid. She can't move, she can't speak, and she can't open her eyes; all she can do is listen. Amber thinks her husband caused her accident, but we only have her point of view. Is it accurate? This medical thriller will 

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enthrall you as you wonder if her husband tried to kill her or if Amber was the one with harmful motives. Fans of The Good Nurse will enjoy the imperfect yet strong female lead that is not sure what to believe herself. Read here.

Charlatans by Robin Cook

Noah is a high-achieving and successful doctor who's just been appointed chief resident of his hospital. When patients begin to die, the other doctors blame each other. Noah is unsure who to believe and needs to dig deeper to find the truth. As he unravels the mystery around these deaths, he learns more about

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his staff than he anticipated. Charlatans will entertain you and thrill you. Like The Good Nurse on Netflix, you'll be torn about what to think, and sometimes the truth is stranger (and darker) than fiction. Read here.

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Bonus Picks! Watch and Listen to These Titles Similar to The Good Nurse


Accused is a powerful Dutch film that is based on a true story. Lucia is a nurse accused of murdering her patients and ultimately is imprisoned for these crimes. Unlike in The Good Nurse, however, Lucia is innocent. She is not a murderer and was falsely convicted. If you enjoyed The Good Nurse, you will be

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enthralled by Accused and the gutwrenching details of a miscarriage of justice. It will leave you unsettled for entirely different reasons.

Poor Historians Podcast Misadventures in Medical History

The Misadventures in Medical History podcast is a bit more light-hearted as three real-life physicians discuss and reenact missteps in medical history. Like The Good Nurse, the events featured are true and caused a lot of people's misfortunes. It is important to note that medical casualties throughout the 

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centuries were mainly due to ignorance rather than murder sprees. However, death is still a prominent fate that's heard throughout the podcast.

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