Tier One by Andrews and Wilson

tier one

Official Thrillerfix Review by Andrew Watts

12 January 2018

Tier One is a book about an elite Navy SEAL joining the ranks of a shadowy government agency – a hybrid of intelligence and special warfare.  The book was written by two former officers in the Navy.  As a former naval officer myself, I was rooting for this book to be good.  I wasn’t dissapointed.

The Tier One series is written by a former Navy submarine officer, and a former Navy doctor (who deployed and worked alongside SEAL teams).

Two things made this book great:  One – the writers did great research.   The sights, sounds, dialogue, and weapons nomenclature were spot on.  And two – man, can they write.  Tier One is a really good book.  You care about the characters – their motivations are believable. 

The descriptions of military special warfare and signals intelligence seemed very realistic to me, having served from 2003-2013.  The action and suspense scenes are very well done, and some of the unique ideas around the secretive special operations – intelligence unit were quite imaginative.

The basic premise is that there is an Iranian plot to severely damage US Special Forces, and once that is done, to do much more harm without the threat of an American response.  The newly formed SpecOps unit – codename Ember – must solve the riddle and save the day.  It’s a familiar theme, but there are some refreshing details that make this plot unique.  I highly recommend it.

If you like Tom Clancy’s character John Clark, or the novel Rainbow Six, then the Tier One series is for you.