Meet Jason Kasper

Jason Kasper is the USA Today bestselling author of the Spider Heist, American Mercenary, and Shadow Strike thriller series.

Before his writing career he served in the US Army, beginning as a Ranger private and ending as a Green Beret captain. Jason is a West Point graduate and a veteran of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and was an avid ultramarathon runner, skydiver, and BASE jumper, all of which inspire his fiction.

His full catalog of books are available on Amazon and browsable below.

American Mercenary Series

Greatest Enemy – American Mercenary Book 1

“David Rivers is an Army Ranger- a combat veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has almost completed his final year at West Point when his world is turned upside down by a sudden discharge from military service. Angry and confused, David soon hits rock bottom.

And that’s when they appear. Three mysterious men. Men who know David’s dark secret — they know that he has murdered someone in cold blood. And they want him to do it again.

David is soon plunged into the covert underworld of ex-special operators for hire, where victory is defined by profit, and the rules are set by the highest bidder. But as the stakes continue to rise, he learns that his new employer is more ruthless than anyone he’s faced in combat- and he just might be David’s greatest enemy.”

Greatest Enemy is available as an eBookaudiobook, & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Offer of Revenge – American Mercenary Book 2

“David Rivers, the sole survivor of a mercenary team betrayed by its employer, is living in exile and haunted by the loss of friends he failed to save. When a mysterious ally brings an offer of revenge, David accepts without question. But in order to kill his greatest enemy, David must first join the same secretive and lethal organization that slaughtered the only family he had.

To prove his allegiance, he enters a life-or-death battle against a savage force of enemy fighters in the badlands of Somalia. The closer he gets to his target, the more David realizes that the betrayal of his team was not as random as he believed. Someone inside the organization seems to know David’s true purpose, and that could mean only one thing: David might not have been the sole survivor after all.”

Offer of Revenge is available as an eBookaudiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Dark Redemption – American Mercenary Book 3

“David Rivers has returned from a brutal combat mission in Somalia with only one thing on his mind: revenge. After killing his teammates’ betrayer, he’s set his sights on the ultimate prize, assassinating the faceless mastermind who orchestrated their deaths from afar. And for the first time, that prize is within reach.

In a feat accomplished by few, David has managed to secure an elusive meeting with the Handler—but nothing in his murderous past could possibly have prepared him for what happens when he finally meets his greatest enemy face-to-face.

Before he can kill the Handler, David must first serve him once more. This time, the task is new: not to kill a target, but to defend one. As David negotiates a labyrinth of twisted loyalties in the violent slums of Rio de Janeiro, he realizes that the betrayal of his former teammates was just the beginning.

But as a whirlwind of lethal confrontations in Rio brings David and the Handler together for the final time, he realizes that the consequences of his tireless search for vengeance might just be worse than death.”

Dark Redemption is available as an eBookaudiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Vengeance Calling – American Mercenary Book 4

“Condemned to certain death as a deep cover agent for an international criminal leader, David Rivers discovers an unlikely ally with one shared goal: the death of the mastermind who governs the illicit underworld.

But the final element needed to complete a brilliant assassination plot is trapped amid the firestorm of a civil war in Myanmar. To kill his greatest enemy and free his only surviving teammate, David will have to survive impossible odds—odds that he’s determined to beat, no matter the cost.

As an increasingly perilous journey unfolds, David learns that appearances aren’t as they seem, and no loyalties are absolute. He soon finds himself forced to choose between two great evils—with his only friend’s life hanging in the balance.”

Vengeance Calling is available as an eBook, audiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

The Suicide Cartel – American Mercenary Book 5

“David Rivers is no ordinary mercenary.

He’s just been assigned command of a team in the international criminal war raging in South America.

But the Triple Frontier region is deadly. Narcos and terrorists rule its remote jungle, and David must lead his team into the heart of danger.

Getting in is easy. Getting out might be impossible.

When a high-risk recon mission turns deadly, David’s team must fight for survival against overwhelming odds. Desperate and on the run, they use everything at their disposal just to stay alive.

But getting out will require something more… and if David doesn’t discover the truth behind his current mission, it will be his last.

The Suicide Cartel is available as an eBook, audiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Terminal Objective – American Mercenary Book 6

“From the city streets of the US to the war-torn deserts of Africa. From the snow-capped mountains of Asia to the narco-controlled jungles of South America, forces have been fighting for control of the ultimate criminal empire.

When an act of violence plunges the contenders into a final confrontation, David Rivers is sent in. He’s the first operative of a mercenary army.

Parachuting into Russia to link up with a mysterious intelligence agent, he must find a way to strike the heart of a ruthless criminal alliance.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. If David doesn’t succeed, he won’t just lose his life—he’ll lose everyone he cares about, too.

Because when this war is over, either one organization will stand…or none of them will.

Terminal Objective is available as an eBook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Spider Heist Thrillers

The Spider Heist – Spider Heist Thrillers Book 1

“Blair Morgan’s world is in shambles.

After being used as a scapegoat by a corrupt former boss, she is unceremoniously fired from the FBI. Now, with her reputation, pride, and years of service stripped away, Blair just wants to start over.

But when a chance date turns into a mysterious job offer, her past comes crashing back to haunt her.

In a flash, Blair becomes entangled in a high stakes bank heist. Her status as a former FBI-agent-turned-hostage transforms her into an instant media sensation. And the unwanted attention makes her a target for ruthless killers that will stop at nothing to silence her.

Caught in the crosshairs, Blair must confront her past before she loses her freedom—or her life.

But there is something strange about this team of bank robbers. They aren’t who they seem. And as a deadly SWAT raid closes in, Blair discovers that she may not be either..."

The Spider Heist is available as an eBook, audiobook & paperback – and free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

Pre-Order! The Sky Thieves – Spider Heist Thrillers Book 2

The Sky Thieves is the second installment of the heart-stoppingly suspenseful Spider Heist Thrillers series by international bestselling author Jason Kasper. Perfect for fans of James Patterson, Sandra Brown, Catherine Coulter, David Baldacci, and TR Ragan.

The Spider Heist is available for pre-order as an eBook – and will be free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program. 

The Manhattan Job – Spider Heist Thrillers Book 3

The Manhattan Job is the third installment of the heart-stoppingly suspenseful Spider Heist Thrillers series by USA Today bestselling author Jason Kasper.

The Manhattan Job is available for pre-order as an eBook – and will be free to read in the Kindle Unlimited Program.

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