10 Books That Fans of Clive Cussler Want to Read Next

Clive Cussler was one of the premiere military adventure and historical fiction authors of his time. His books have enthralled generations of fans and inspired countless writers. If you're a fan of Cussler's work, here are 10 more books you should check out.


The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry

Fans of Cussler's Dirk Pitt will enjoy the adventures of Cotton Malone. In Steve Berry's first Malone book, the ex-Department of Justice operative is enjoying a quiet life as an antique books dealer in Copenhagen when he gets pulled back into the world of espionage and international intrigue. His former boss,

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Stephanie Nelle, is off on her own adventure, chasing an ancient fortune and getting a lot of unwanted attention. Malone tags along to keep her safe, but the more the two uncover a centuries-old conspiracy, the more dangerous it gets for them. The Templar Legacy is a riveting tale that is fun, breezy, and thrilling. Read here.

Noble Beginnings by L.T. Ryan

The long Jack Noble series started here, a promising debut for the CIA operative who has gained a fan base to rival those of Jack Ryan, Jack Reacher, and Jason Bourne. Full of suspense and action, the story concerns a vast and wide-reaching conspiracy that goes all the way to the top. Following his strict moral

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compass, Noble and his partner Bear save a suspect's family from violence in Afghanistan. As no good deed goes unpunished, the duo are hauled back to the United States and thrown in the brig. The more the plot unfolds, the less clear it becomes who the good guys are in this fun and exciting story. Read here.

Ice Hunt by James Rollins

Author James Rollins has written many best-selling book series in the adventure and fantasy genres, but some of his best works have been his standalone books. Near the top of this list is the thrilling Ice Hunt. All the elements needed for a top-notch political thriller are here: a mysterious abandoned Soviet-era

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ice station, an American Naval research vessel, intelligence operatives, and heroic soldiers. At stake is the continued existence of the human race. With lots of expertly planned twists and turns, Ice Hunt is tough to put down once you start. Read here.

Amid the Shadows by Michael C. Grumley

Best known for his Breakthrough series, author Michael C. Grumley garnered comparisons to James Rollins with his standalone mystery-thriller Amid the Shadows. The story concerns a 6-year-old named Sarah, who was born with an exceptional ability. After a social worker named Christine is assigned to Sarah's

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case and discovers her secret, a wild thrill ride kicks off. Amid the Shadows is clearly a personal work for Grumley, who always mentions being a father to his two daughters in all his press materials. But like all his best work, worldwide governments and the potential for world destruction are at play here, and the results are nothing short of exhilarating. Read here.

The Lieutenants by W.E.B. Griffin

When it comes to military adventure stories, W.E.B. Griffin's Brotherhood of War series set the gold standard. The Lieutenants is the first book and the place to start. Few books capture the feeling of the military and its customs, language, and hierarchy the way the Brotherhood series does. Full of memorable

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characters and exciting action, The Lieutenants is almost required reading for fans of the genre. Read here.

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Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

For a fresh take on action and adventure mixed with heroes fighting giant conspiracies, it's heart to beat the Pendergrast series from co-authors Preston and Child. These incredibly entertaining books can be described as Indiana Jones meets The X-Files. In the first Pendergrast book, disturbing deaths keep

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happening at the New York Museum of National History. Museum researcher Margon Green finds herself at the center of the mystery. As she discovers more and more clues, this intriguing mystery-thriller almost becomes science fiction. It never stops being enjoyable the whole way through. Read here.

The Forgotten by David Baldacci

The second in Baldacci's series about Army Special Agent John Puller is perhaps the author's most suspenseful work. Puller, the combat veteran and military criminal investigator, arrives in Paradise, Florida, to take care of his ailing aunt. After she passes, Puller starts to uncover a massive conspiracy involving

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the wealthy elite, slavery, and human trafficking. The tension continues to ratchet up with each subsequent page, making The Forgotten a gripping political thriller and a top-notch Baldacci mystery. Read Here.

 True Faith and Allegiance by Mark Greaney

One of the Jack Ryan novels published after Clancy's death, True Faith and Allegiance is also Mark Greaney's last book in the universe. Greaney goes out in fine form with this superb tale about U.S. Navy Commander Scott Hagan. While on leave, Hagan is severely wounded by an armed Russian man at a crowded

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restaurant. It was an act of revenge, as Hagan's ship had destroyed the ship the Russian's brother was on years ago. This kicks off a wild ride that spans the globe and can only be stopped by President Jack Ryan. Read here.

The Ambler Warning by Robert Ludlum

Robert Ludlum earned his spot in the canon of spy and espionage thrillers long ago with the Jason Bourne series. But Ludlum has also written many other fine military and political thrillers, and The Ambler Warning is among the best. When we meet former Consular Operations Agent Hal Ambler, he's locked in a secret

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government institution, fed a steady diet of mind-numbing drugs. When a nurse starts to believe his ramblings aren't the musings of an insane man, she helps Hal clear his mind for a daring escape. From there, he's on an exciting adventure to figure out who had him locked up and why. A true page-turner, The Ambler Warning is a relentless thriller. Read here.

Legacy of War by Wilbur Smith

For fans of Clive Cussler, Wilbur Smith is one of the most often-recommended authors. Both are adventure fiction masters who expertly write brave and heroic characters into fun and exciting stories. Smith's Courtney series features some of his most thrilling writing, and Legacy of War (the second in the series) may

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 be his best. Set immediately after the end of World War II, Legacy of War is an exciting cat-and-mouse story like the best spy thrillers. Read here.

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Bonus Picks! Watch and Listen to These Titles Similar to Clive Cussler’s Books

Raise the Titanic

Cussler's breakthrough novel was 1976's Raise the Titanic, and the 1980 film version is a faithful adaptation. Starring acting vets like Jason Robards and Richard Jordan, it's well worth a watch on a Sunday afternoon. You can stream it for free on Amazon Prime Video and other platforms.

Jocko Podcast

Fans of military adventures will love Jocko Podcast. Hosted by retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, this is the most informative and entertaining military podcast out there. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast platforms. Listen here.

There you have it! If you're a fan of Cussler's work, here are 10 more books you should check out.

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